The First “Toll Free Call” Service in Myanmar by MPT

21 Aug 2017

(Yangon, 21 August, 2017) MPT customers will no longer need to be concerned about call charges when ringing for information or sales at organizations that subscribe to MPT’s latest business offering. MPT’s “Toll Free Call” service, the first-of its-kind by a Myanmar telecom operator, allows vendors and service providers to offer a much more convenient way for their clients to get in touch.

MPT has set up 0800 800 X XXX Toll Free Call numbers which can be assigned to specific auto telephone (fixed landline) lines, making them free of charge for MPT Auto Telephone and MPT Mobile customers to call. These MPT callers will not be charged when connecting to the Toll Free Call numbers of the MPT Business users, with the incurred charges later billed to the respective MPT Business users each month.

Innovatively, callers will be able to identify the type of business that they are ringing via the service description code. After the 0800 800 prefix, the proceeding one digit number indicates the type of business sector.

“With MPT’s Toll Free Call service, business and corporate users can focus on making a lasting positive impression from the first time a caller picks up the phone to enquire about their products and services, by eliminating the anxiety over call charges. Organizations using Toll Free Call for their campaigns and promotions are more likely to win over their potential customers, and Call Centers can serve their customers to a greater level of satisfaction when the caller does not have to worry about the cost of conversations. This gives MPT Business users a valuable advantage over their peers,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

For those interested in applying for the Toll Free Call service, contact the MPT Business division via the B2B Sales Department at [email protected] or through the hotline number: 0800 800 9990 (from MPT Subscribers with Free of Charge) and 09426000323 (from any Operator).

Business Type Toll Free Call Service
Taxi 0800 800 1xxx
Banking 0800 800 2xxx
Hospital 0800 800 3xxx
Education 0800 800 4xxx
Social Welfare 0800 800 5xxx
Hotel & Tourism 0800 800 6xxx
Commercial & Business 0800 800 7xxx
Other 0800 800 9xxx

xxx: Toll Free Call subscriber number (3 digits)