Free Bonus Data for MPT Customers with Old SIM Cards

03 Apr 2018

(Yangon,3  April 2018) MPT, Myanmar’s leading telecommunications operator, today announced the launch of a new promotion for customers still using 2G and 3G only MPT SIMs. By visiting an MPT branded store to swap their SIM, customers will receive 100MB for every 1000Ks recharge.

MPT’s modern and ultra-fast 3G and 4G LTE+ networks give high-quality data speeds and reliable phone reception to MPT customers all over Myanmar. To ensure customers get the best experience from their mobile service, a USIM is required, something now used by the large majority of MPT subscribers. Customers with access to 3G, HSPA and 4G LTE+ networks already have a USIM. These new USIMs are more secure and offer a higher capacity mobile phone address book for customers to contact friends and family.

For customers who have not yet upgraded to a USIM, MPT has a promotion. Any MPT non-USIM customer who switches to a USIM and recharges their mobile service within 7 days will receive bonus data, proportional to the size of their recharge. The bonus data amounts are below.

Recharge AmountBonus DataValidity
500 MMK 


30 Days

1000 MMK100 MB
3000 MMK300 MB
5000 MMK500 MB
10000 MMK1000 MB

MPT mobile data access is continually growing around Myanmar as MPT closes in on its goal of covering 280 townships with 4G LTE+ by December 2018. This promotion is a great opportunity for MPT customers who have not yet tried the internet to experience the many benefits of going online, including things like Facebook, weather information, news, and general information on health, agriculture and educational resources.

To receive this bonus data, customers must be on a volume-based plan, such as Swe Thahar, Shal Pyaw or Shwe Sagar. Customers already using a USIM are unable to receive this offer. To receive your free new SIM swap and bonus data, please go to an MPT branded store or call 106 for more information.