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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “Dream Come True” Lucky Draw Campaign?

“Dream Come True” is a Lucky Draw Campaign organized by MPT to fulfill the dreams of customer/people who using MPT and living in Myanmar.

2. Who can participate in this Campaign?

Anyone who has an MPT SIM Card which is registered in accordance with the rules and regulations of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

3. Can I participate with non-MPT/other SIM Card?

No, you can only participate with MPT SIM Card.

4. How to participate in this Lucky Draw Campaign?

You must register and describe your dreams on the Facebook page which is created by MPT.

5. Do I need to top up like another previous lucky draw campaign?

You don’t need to top up.

6. How many prizes in total?

There will be 7 prizes in total.

7. How many times can I participate with one phone number?

Only one participation per phone number.

8. Can expatriate Myanmar Citizen be participated?

Only registered MPT SIM Card holders who living in Myanmar can participate.

9. In what language can I describe?

You can describe in both Myanmar and English.

10. How long will the Lucky Draw Campaign last?

It will take 3 weeks in total.

11. What is the registration period?

You must register from September 17, 202 to October 7, 2020 for making your dreams come true.

12. How do you contact to the Lucky Winner?

MPT will make a phone call to registered number of lucky winners.

13. When will the lucky winner be announced?

The result will be contacted to lucky winner and announced within October 2020 after October 7, 2020 when the campaign period finish.

14. When will the lucky winner's dream come true? (or) When MPT will fulfill lucky winner’s dream?

The lucky winner’s dream will come true during October 2020 and January 2021. (or) MPT will fulfill lucky winner’s dream during October 2020 and January 2021.

15. What kinds of dream should be?

The dreams should be

  • For personal
  • For Myanmar Society
  • For Family
    1. The dreams that are directly or indirectly concern with political view will not be considered

16. What is the prize?

According to the winners’ Golden dream, MPT will provide up to 50 million kyats.