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Start Using MPT for a lot of Benefits

Start using MPT, and enjoy a lot of Benefits, including Sim Activation Gift, free social networking, Text Only Version of Facebook, and Browsing for free.

MPT with a lot of Benefits

First Recharge Bonus

1. How much does it cost for MPT SIM?

It costs 1,500 MMK for one MPT SIM.

2. Is there a bonus for new SIM user?

  • Pls refer to below chart to understand bonus for new SIM
  • Details are as follows;
Topup [MMK] Main Balance [MMK] First Recharge Bonus Validity
1000 1000 500Ks 60 Days
2000 2000 500Ks
3000 3000 500Ks
4000 4000 500Ks
5000 5000 500Ks
6000 6000 500Ks
7000 7000 500Ks
8000 8000 500Ks
9000 9000 500Ks
Every 10,000 10,000 500Ks
1099 1GB + 1000Ks
2199 2GB + 1000Ks
3299 3GB + 1000Ks
5399 5GB + 1000Ks

3. Who can receive First Recharge Bonus? How?

Every MPT GSM/WCDMA (Prepaid) users who make first top up within the first 7 Days of activation will receive the bonus.

4. What can the bonus be used for?

First Recharge Bonus can be used for Any-net calls/SMS, PAYG data and valid for 60 days. Data Volume (GB) can be used for All Data.

5. I am a new MPT SIM user, I made first recharge within the first 7 days of activation but did not receive any first recharge bonus. Why?

New MPT SIM users need to activate their SIM first before recharge to enjoy bonus. To activate: Dial *124# (or) Make first Call.