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FAQs for SIM Activation

1. How much does it cost for new MPT SIM Card?

You can buy a new MPT SIM Card with 1,500 Kyats at MPT own shops.

2. What is First Recharge – New SIM Activation?

You need to make first recharge at least 20,001 Ks for SIM activation. If you make first recharge 21,000 Ks and above top-up amounts, you can get 1,000 Ks bonus balance.

Top-up Amount [MMK]First time SIM Activation fees [MMK]Main Balance (MMK)Main Balance Validity (days)Bonus Balance (MMK)Bonus Validity (days)Remark
20,001 – 20,99920,0001-9993650-Bonus Balance (Ks) can be used for Voice Anynet PAYG SMS Anynet PAYG Data PAYG
21,000 - above20,0001,000 - above365100060

3. Who can receive First Recharge Bonus?

Every MPT GSM/WCDMA (Prepaid) users who make first recharge 21,000 Ks and above top-up amounts will receive First Recharge Bonus.

4. Is there First Recharge Bonus?

Yes, there is 1,000 Ks First Recharge Bonus with 60 days validity for 21,000 Ks and above top-up amount.

5. How can I use bonus balance?

Bonus balance can be used for Anynet Voice and SMS PAYG and Data PAYG.

6. What steps need to make for activation?

Making First Recharge 20,001 Ks is only one step to make SIM activation.

7. What is the validity of bonus balance?

Validity of bonus balance is 60 days from the date of First Recharge.

8. If First Recharge top-up amount is below 20,001 Ks, what will happen?

Below 20,001 Ks top-up will be unsuccessful. Unsuccessful notification will be received.