Receive More Friday Bonuses When You Recharge Via e-Top Up With MPT

14 Jul 2016

MPT’s e-Top Up allows customers to receive up to 30% bonus for MPT to MPT voice calls, SMS and pay-as-you-go data

(Yangon, 14 July, 2016) – To continue the celebration of reaching 20 million customers and extend its appreciation to its valued customers, MPT the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, today announced that they will upgrade its special data top up bonuses for recharges on Friday which was started on 17 June, 2016, and offer up to 30% of additional bonus credits to customers who recharge via e-Top Up on Fridays starting from 15 July.

To enjoy the additional bonus credits , MPT prepaid GSM/WCDM customers just need to recharge on Fridays via e-Top Up – with the bonus credits valid for 7 calendar days from the recharge date. These extra bonus credits can only be used for voice calls (MPT to MPT calls), SMS (MPT to MPT SMS) and pay-as-you-go Data. Users will be able use these extra bonus credits for voice calls (MPT to MPT), SMS (MPT to MPT SMS) and pay-as-you-go data.

Also, Happy Friday Data Bonus is still ongoing, so, MPT prepaid GSM/WCDMA customers will receive at least Data Bonus when they recharge on Fridays. But Happy Friday Data Bonus Plus additional bonus credits will be offered when they recharge via e-Top Up on Fridays.

A minimum recharge amount of Ks.1,000 is required to receive the bonus credits and the offer is not available for CDMA mobile device users.

Summary of the upgraded plan for top up bonuses on Friday is as follows: 

Per top up value (Kyats) Top up with physical cards Top up with e-Top Up
1,000 20MB 20MB + 100ks Bonus
3,000 80MB  80MB + 500ks Bonus
5,000 150MB  150MB + 1,250ks Bonus
10,000 400MB  400MB + 3,000ks Bonus
20,000 800MB  800MB + 6,000ks Bonus
30,000 1,200MB  1,200MB + 9,000ks Bonus

* Free internet megabyte bonus will be valid until the end of Sunday.

Mr. Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operation said that in appreciation to its loyal customers, the company is providing even more value to them when they top up via MPT. “Our customers can now enjoy amazing bonus credits and data from simply recharging via e-Top Up on Fridays. This will enable them to do more, be it staying connected with family and friends over longer calls or experiencing more online content through our nationwide data network, starting from a low minimum top up amount of just Ks.1000.”