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What is LoTaYa?

LoTaYa is an MPT all-in-one portal service that can use in both mobile app and website which provides a wide variety of content to inform and enrich your daily life.

How to download the application to access the LoTaYa service?

For easy way to enjoy the LoTaYa services,  dial * 2727# on your mobile  and receive the MPT4U app which can read LoTaYa articles download URL instantly. It can be downloaded free from here ( .Data Charges will apply for downloading the application from Google play and App Store.

Content List

1. Search
Not only can you use Lo Ta Ya’s excellent search engine to access a universe of information, but also find MPT specific ring tune song names and Infotainment services

3. News
All the latest news in all categories updated constantly.

2. Weather
Accurate, current weather information and forecasts for cities around Myanmar is available 24/7.

4. Currency Exchange Rates
Check the current exchange rates for 38 different currencies and easily calculate the value of any currency against another with the currency converter tool.

Just use the MPT4U app to enjoy LoTaYa articles easily. This app is available for android and iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of phones does the MPT4U which can read LoTaYa articles app work on?

MPT4U app works on all Android based smartphones as well as iPhone. Android version 5.0 and iOS Version 9.0 above user can use. You can read LoTaYa articles via MPT4U app.

2. Can the MPT4U app which allow users to read LoTaYa articles uses on other networks or Wi-Fi?

The MPT4U app which allow users to read LoTaYa articles can work on both Wi-Fi and mobile network.It will be data charges free when you use it with MPT mobile network. To use specific function of LoTaYa which can apply to benefit, MPT network connection is required.

3. Will I be charged to use the MPT4U app which can read LoTaYa articles?

The MPT4U app which can read the LoTaYa articles is free to use when you use with MPT mobile network.

4. What types of content are available on LoTaYa?

There are Variety of update News, Games, Horoscope, Dhamma, Weather, CSR, and Coupon, VAS services like MPT Ring Tune, MNL Online and Infotainment etc.

5. What kinds of games can play in LoTaYa?

Can play Web games for free with MPT network and can get a lot of information for application games.