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Value Added Services

MPT offers a wide range of value added services to meet your total communication needs:

Yu Htar Service

For convenience, borrow 800 Ks from MPT

Call Me Back

Out of credit? Use “Call Me Back” to let your friends or family know you’d like to get in touch.

Balance Transfer

Send or receive balance when in need of that extra bit of credit.

Auto APN Setting

Automatically set your APN to access the Internet.

Call Forwarding

If you’re unavailable to talk, forward your calls to another number.

MPT Name Tune

Activate your name as your tune.


Use the USSD menu to conveniently access MPT’s services in one place.


Enrich your day with a wide range of content services – information, entertainment and more!

Missed Call Alert

Receive an SMS notification of missed calls.

Call Waiting

Accept some urgent calls even while you are engaged on the line.

Voice Mail Services

Let your callers leave a voice message when you’re not available.

Conference Call

Conference Call can support calling up to 6 numbers (including initiator) within one call.

MPT Ring Tune

Replace the standard ring back tone with your choice of music tune or melody.