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Effective 6 January 2022, 15% Commercial Tax will apply on internet data, according to the amendment of the Union Tax Law 2021-22 declared by the State Administration Council. The 5% commercial tax for Voice and SMS will not be changed and will continue to apply.

Shwe Zagar

MPT on-net calls: 10Ks/Min

Off-net calls: 27Ks/Min

SMS: 15 Ks

Data: 8 Ks/MB

For the customer using old tariff, simply dial *234*4# to switch to Shwe Zagar.


Swe Thahar

MPT on-net calls: 27Ks/min

Off-net calls: 27Ks/min

SMS : 15Ks/sms

Data: 7Ks/MB

For the customer using old tariff, simply dial *234*2# to switch to Swe Thahar.


Shal Pyaw

MPT on-net calls: 15Ks/min

Off-net calls: 27Ks/min

SMS: 15Ks 

Data: 8Ks/MB

For the customer using old tariff, simply dial *234*3# to switch to Shal Pyaw.

Please kindly be informed that starting from 13th Dec 2017, all local calls except for Base Tariff will be charged at every 15 seconds.

Get even closer to your loved ones thanks to MPT’s more extensive network, improved service and great rates!

Voice Package

A Kyite Pyaw +Package Read More

A Kyite  Pyaw +Voice Pack is the latest offer for MPT customers.

Product NamePrice (Incl. Tax)SpecificationsUsage TypesValidityCommon USSDDirect USSD
7 Days

A Kyite Pyaw +

850 Kyats132 MinsOn-net Calls (Including MPT landline phones)7 Days*600#*600*3#
30 Days

A Kyite Pyaw +

1,500Kyats234 MinsOn-net Calls (Including MPT landline phones)30 Days*600#*600*2#
90 Days

A Kyite Pyaw +

3900 Kyats619 MinsOn-net Calls (Including MPT landline phones)90 Days*600#*600*1#

MPT Voice Package Read More

Still connected with your beloveds through MPT network.

10mins Pack30mins Pack50mins Pack
Price(incl tax)99 Ks249 Ks399 Ks
Available Minutes103050
Validity1 Day3 Days3 Days

* Package prices are inclusive of commercial tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

  • MPT offers Lowest Call Rate Plan “Shwe Zagar”.

Voice call to MPT numbers : 10 Ks/Min
Voice call to other numbers : 27 Ks/Min
Data ( Internet ) : 8 Ks/MB
SMS       : 15 Ks/SMS

2. Who can subscribe to “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

  • Active MPT GSM/WCDMA users can subscribe to “Shwe Zagar” Plan.

3. How can I subscribe to “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

  • Dial *234*4# to subscribe. Subscription to “Shwe Zagar” Plan is completely free.

4. How can I cancel “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

  • As MPT offers different plan, customer can choose and switch to their preferred one freely.
  • To switch to – Base Tariff Plan => Dial *234*1#
  • To switch to – Swe Thahar Plan => Dial *234*2#
  • To switch to – Shal Pyaw Plan => Dial *234*3#To switch to – Shwe Zagar Plan => Dial *234*4#
  • Subscription (or) Switching is allowed maximum 1 time per one calendar day. If you have switched plan one time in one calendar day, you cannot switch again on that day. Please try again next day.

5. How will the balance be deducted for Pay-As-You-Go Voice Call on “Shwe Zagar” Plan?

  • Balance will only be deducted for every 15sec of customer’s voice call.
  • For Example: – MPT to MPT call

0 – 15 Sec : 2.50 Kyats (excluding tax)
16 – 30 Sec : 5.00 Kyats (excluding tax)
31 – 45 Sec : 7.50 Kyats (excluding tax)
46 – 60 Sec : 10.00 Kyats (excluding tax)