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What is Happy Friday?

MPT’s Topping Up allows customers to receive extra bonus for MPT to MPT voice calls, SMS, and pay-as-you-go data

To enjoy the additional bonus credits with MPT prepaid GSM/WCDM, you just need to recharge on Fridays and your bonus credits will be valid for 7 calendar days from the recharge date. Please note that these extra bonus credits can only be used for on-net voice calls (MPT to MPT), on-net SMS (MPT to MPT SMS), and pay-as-you-go data.

In addition, our Happy Friday Data Bonus promotion is still ongoing! This means MPT prepaid GSM/WCDMA customers will receive, at the very least, a special Data Bonus when recharging on Fridays.

But that’s not all! Extra bonus credits will be offered with our Happy Friday Data Bonus Plus promotion, when you recharge on Fridays via e-Top Up.

A minimum recharge amount of 1,000 Ks is required to receive bonus credits. The offer is not available for CDMA mobile device users. Please see a summary of our upgraded Happy Friday top up bonus plan below:

Per Top up Value (Kyats)Top up with physical cards Top up with e-Top Up
1,00020MB20MB + 100ks Bonus
3,00080MB80MB + 500ks Bonus
5,000150MB150MB + 1,250ks Bonus
10,000400MB400MB + 3,000ks Bonus
20,000800MB800MB + 6,000ks Bonus
30,0001,200MB12,000MB + 9,000ks Bonus

*Free bonus will be valid until the end of Sunday.
*This rate is subject to an additional 5% commercial tax starting April 1, 2016.

Promotion period: Until Further Notices
Who is eligible: All prepaid MPT GSM/WCDMA customers
Bonus usage: On-net voice calls (MPT to MPT), on-net SMS (MPT to MPT SMS), and pay-as-you-go data

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this about?

From Aug 10th 2015 onwards, all customers who newly activate their MPT GSM/WCDMA SIM card will automatically be subscribed to the Swe Thahar plan. No SMS command is required.

2. I bought an MPT SIM card before Aug 10th, 2015. Am I eligible?

If you started using your MPT SIM card from Aug 10th 2015 onwards, you will automatically be subscribed to Swe Thahar even if you bought the SIM card before Aug 10th 2015.

3. I am an existing MPT customer and I activated my SIM card before Aug 10th 2015. Does this mean I am automatically subscribed to Swe Thahar plan?

No, you will need to manually subscribe to Swe Thahar. Simply send free SMS with “SWE” or “POSTSWE” to 1332.

4. How do I know if I am subscribed to Swe Thahar?

Please send “SWE” or “POSTSWE” to 1332. If you are already subscribed to Swe Thahar, you will receive a reply to confirm this. If not, the system will subscribe you to Swe Thahar.

5. I activated my SIM card after Aug 10th 2015 and am automatically subscribed to Swe Thahar. But can I unsubscribe from Swe Thahar and be on Base Tariff instead?

You can unsubscribe from Swe Thahar by sending “UNSUB SWE” or “POSTUNSUB SWE” to 1332.

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