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All movies on Mahar – FREE on MPT!

Now MPT subscribers who are using mobile data can enjoy thousands of their favorite movies on Mahar without paying any subscription fees.

Watch your favorite Myanmar movies non-stop at the most affordable data charges with Mahar mobile app without subscription fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Mahar?

Mahar is a leading video service on which you can watch thousands of Myanmar movies by streaming or downloading.

2. What is the MPT new offer about Mahar service?

If you are using MPT mobile data, any content can be enjoyed free to watch or download without paying subscription fee. However, if you change to other network, the streaming and download will be paused until you reuse MPT network.

3. How about Mobile Data Charges?

The user can enjoy any movies without subscription fee, but the data charges will be applied. Data usage will be deducted from the data package if you may have (or) pay as you go rate will be applied if you did not buy data package.

4. Which movie can I watch?

You can watch any movies or series with MPT SIM on Mahar.

5. Can I download the movies or series?

Yes, you can download the movies or series into the app with MPT mobile data. You will be able to watch them during 7 days after you had downloaded them.

6. I already have a paid Mahar subscription. What should I do?

For subscription paid subscribers, you can enjoy Mahar movies on any internet connection. If you will use only MPT data network, please send MAHAR OFF to 8686 in order to stop your subscription.

7. I opened the Mahar app but not all content is available to me. What should I do?

Please ensure that you are on MPT mobile data. If you cannot see all videos even on the MPT data, please close the app, clear cache from android settings and restart once

8. What is the validity of downloaded videos?

Downloaded videos will be valid for 7 days. After 7 days, you can renew the downloads if you are on MPT mobile data.

9. Which version android do I need to use for Mahar mobile application?

To use Mahar Mobile application, your phone needs to be android 5.0+.

10. I am having trouble with the Mahar application (or) I have more questions about this offer. What can I do?

For issues or feedback related to MPT data or network – Call 106 for MPT support

For issues related to Mahar app or content — Please contact Mahar Mobile Facebook Page Messenger.

11. I have wifi and MPT sim card, I don’t want to use my mobile data. What should I do?

If the user who has wifi and MPT sim card, the user can enjoy the premium movie at 150 per movie. After purchased the movie, can enjoy it with wifi network.