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Contents Hub

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Celebrity News ProgramWatching the latest video files & activities of celebrities, singers and super models via mobile phone anytime, anywhere8405 (SMS)/ 8406 (USSD)CEL/UNCEL

Get free Subscription for Celebrity News Program, mobile contents, namely Games, Live Wallpapers, Applications, Music, Alert and Games (Yangon, January 28, 2016) Today MPT is launching a promotion starting from today and ending on February 24th, 2016 which gives MPT pre-paid and post-paid users a free
Valued Added Service offered by Contents Hub, King Royal Technologies Company and Golden TMH Company during a promotion period. Contents Hub MPT users can get more information by visiting visit

MY CLUB (Golden TMH Company)

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Delivers music, alert and game3 contents every week: 1 mp3, 1 alert and 1 game8302 (SMS)/ 8303 (USSD)MYCLUB / MYCLUB OFF

ZPLAY (King Royal Technologies Company )

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Android GameWeekly subscription with 1 free game weekly8302 (SMS)/ 8303 (USSD)AG / UNAGWeekly
Live WallpaperWeekly subscription with 1 free live-wallpaper weekly8503 (SMS)/ 8505 (USSD)LW / UNLWWeekly
ApplicationWeekly subscription with 1 free app weekly8503 (SMS)/ 8505 (USSD)AP / UNAPWeekly
ZPlayWeekly subscription with 3 free contents weekly, can choose from any categories8503 (SMS)/ 8505 (USSD)ZP / UNZPWeekly

After the promotion period, relevant subscription charges will be applied. Please enjoy MPT Valued Added Service Promotion.