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Popular Frequently Asked Questions

1. I scratched my top-up card and numbers are damage and I can't top up, what should I do?

If your top up card include QR Code , please scan the QR Code in MPT4U app for top up.
If you still facing difficulities please write down your phone number, registration name, registraion NRC number on the paper and take photo with damage top up card and send to us via Tu Tu Chat at “Chat with Agent”.

2. I lost my SIM Card. How should I do?

You should go to the MPT Own Shops by bringing orginal NRC, contract (if you have) and you need to tell 3 recent calls.

3. I exchanged Htaw B phone Bill with my balance. I expected that my balance will be increased. But my balance was deducted. Why?

While you are using Any-net call, Any-net SMS or Pay As You Go data, your exchange Htaw B balance will be deducted first.
Package purchasing, Subscriptions to VAS services will be deducted from your main balance and will be charged according to user’s existing Tariff Price Plan (Swe Thahar or Shal Pyaw or Shwe Zagar)
In addition,when the exchanged Htaw B Balanlce runs out, it will be deducted from main balance according to user’s Price Plan or Package if users have.

4.I do not want to deduct with PAYG rate from my main balance or loan balance for any kinds of Data usage. I want to deduct from purchased data packages. What do I need ?

MPT has introduced new Data Carry Plus packages with auto renew function, no longer have to buy data every time and keep enjoying promotion rate whenever the data is used up. When the balance is less than 50 MB(or)At the midnight of pack expiry, these packages will be automatically renewed. Just like the normal Data Carry Plus packages, you can win up to 1000GB lucky data and the unused main data balance (Excluding Lucky Data) will be carried forward if you buy new Data Carry Plus before pack validity or in (7) days after expiry. This plan will be available for only the Data Carry Plus Packages; 979Ks pack and 1279Ks packs.
979ks =515MB > SUBSCRIBE :* 777*3*3# ,
1279ks = 675MB > SUBSCRIBE : *777*4*3#
Please note that this service is eligible for prepaid GSM/ WCDMA users with Swe Thahar/ Shal Pyaw/ Shwe Zagar plan. CDMA Base Tariff users and non-existing users will not be able to use. There is no Hti Pauk chance for Auto Renewal Data Carry Plus.

5. I want Ring Tune Service in my phone. How can I get this Ring Tune Service?

If you want daily service, you can send “REG D” to 7979.
If you want monthly service, you can send “REG M” to 7979.

6. What are Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Packages? Who can subscribe and where can we purchase for Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Packs?

– Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Packages are new special bundle pack which includes new features introduced to customers. The customers who have Kyin Kyin Nar Nar pack can add another MPT users as members and transfer Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Pack Data to their members.
– All MPT GSM/WCDMA prepaid users (Swe Thahar/ Shal Pyaw/ Shwe Zagar) can subscribe to Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Packs. CDMA, Postpaid, Base Tariff users and non-active users are not eligible to subscribe. You can purchase Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Packs only in MPT4U application latest version. You can check data quota and validity of Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Packs by dialing *224# or in MPT4U also.

7. What are the benefits of Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Packages?

– If customer purchase KYIN KYIN NAR NAR 2998 Pack with 2998Ks , customer can get 1GB , 160 Onnet min & 160 Onnet SMS and MPT Club 400 Points. Customer can keep one member and can share 500MB to member.
– If customer purchase KYIN KYIN NAR NAR 5498 Pack with 5498Ks, customer can get 2GB , 250 Onnet min & 250 Onnet SMS and MPT Club 600 Points. Customer can keep 3 member r and can share 500MB to each member..
– If customer purchase KYIN KYIN NAR NAR 9998 Pack with 9998Ks, customer can get 4GB , 350 Onnet min & 350 Onnet SMS and MPT Club 1000 Points. Customer can keep 5 member and can share 500MB to each member.
Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Package’s Validity is 30days. Pack prices are included 5% commercial tax. Moreover, KYIN KYIN NAR NAR Pack data can be used for all data usages.

8.I received SMS from MPT that mentioned Special Offer to you. What is this Special Offer?

We offer a suitable promotion only for you everyday.
Dial *555# and you will get a different offer only for you.

9. I want to purchase "Kyite Yar Khaw" Packages or voice packages that can call to any operators. How can I purchase it?

You can purchase “Kyite Yar Khaw” Package by calling *997# (or) purchase from MPT4u App easily
For more details, please browse to

10.What is the validity of Kyite Yar Khaw packs?

In Kyite Yar Khaw packs, there are three types of Kyite Yar Khaw.
7 days Kyite Yar Khaw Pack, 15 days Kyite Yar Khaw Pack and 30 days Kyite Yar Khaw Pack.

All packs are included 7 days carry over periods.

11.How can I check my package balance in MPT4U new version?

You can check via Side Bar Menu-> Account Detail Page.

12. What is my redemption journey with MPT partners? Do I need to show my account to redeem or something else?

You can dial *345*3*2# and choose to redeem MPT partners’ coupons. But please note that you must have enough points to redeem.
If you choose (decide to redeem) relevant products, you will receive Voucher or order Code via SMS. You can check redemption product from MPT4U app.
( 1 ) You only need to show your voucher or order code at the MPT Partners’ shops to redeem.
( 2 ) Please note that once you redeemed you can’t cancel.

13. What are the MPT Point redemption Packages?

50Points – 10mins (or) 200 On-net SMS (or) 40MB (or) 200Kyats Balance.
99Points – 20mins (or) 1000 On-net SMS (or) 100MB (or) 400Kyats Balance.
199Points – 60mins (or) 3000 On-net SMS (or) 300MB (or) 800Kyats Balance.
299Points – 100mins (or) 5000 On-net SMS (or) 500MB (or) 1300Kyats Balance.
399Points – 160mins (or) 8000 On-net SMS (or) 800MB (or) 1750Kyats Balance.
799Points – 400mins (or) 20000 On-net SMS (or) 2000MB (or) 3600Kyats Balance.
The validity of each service is up to 30 days from the date of exchange.
Note: Voice and SMS are for MPT-to-MPT calls and text messages MPT-to-MPT. Balance allows you to make phone calls,send text messages between MPTs and access the Internet.
The above rates already include commercial tax.
The IDD subscription fee can be redeemed for all member levels with just 499 Points.
Roaming subscription fee can be redeemed for all member levels with 900 Points (Only one Roaming subscription fee 900 Kyats can be redeemed with Points)

14. I cannot borrow 800 Kyats, can you check it?

Your SIM activation should be more than 30 days on MPT network.
You need to have minimum top-up amount of 3000 Ks in last 90 days.

15. How can I pay for the services of GSM(Mobile postpaid), ADSL,Line phones Postpaid and your FTTH services?

1. You can pay your postpaid payment at MPT TRA Counter, Counter of KBZ Bank and AYA Bank and Shopping Mall which connected with MEB. Also can pay with KBZ, CB and AYA mobile banking. For mored details >> please browe to
2. You can pay via top up card (or) remaining phone balance for your monthly invoice. For checking paying method, please browse to