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You can easily check remaining “Balane”,”Data”,”Bonus”,”Voice”,”MPT Club Point “

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At MPT4U, you can play Daily MPT Club Hti Pauk with free data and free cost .You can also play Hti Pauk games after purchasing packages and get attractive rewards.

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We offer special package for you on MPT4U and can play “Special Offer Hti Pauk” upon purchasing the pack.

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You can easily Top up , Buy Package, take Loan Balance ,Balance Transfer on MPT4U.
Check Daily Usage and subscribed services with data free MPT4U app

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MPT4U? What services can we access ?

MPT4U Apps is one stop application for all MPT services . And, it can use the MPT4U app with Myanmar Version .
User can use below features from MPT4U.
-Balance check
-Topup bill
-Daily phonebill and VAS usage check
-Buy the packages
-Loan balance
-Balance transfer
-Remaining packages balance check
-My Subscription
-Call service
-Tu Tu Chat
-Check FAQ
-Get MPT Ring Tune
-Check the MPT Club points
-Access to Lotaya Portal
-Can change the plan (Shalpyaw, Shwezagar
– MPT4U game Services etc..)

2. How to download MPT4U?

Please check every steps of MPT4U App download and install from below link.
Android Customers can dial *4040# or through Lotaya website to Download/Upgrade for FREE. For IOS users, they can only update/download from App Store. It is not free to download application for iOS, there will be some data charges to download the App from App Store.

3. How to use MPT4U App?

Please follow below steps to use MPT4U App.
1. Access mobile data
2. Tap the MPT4U app in the phone
3. Will reach to the main screen of App
User can use whatever his/her required services.

4. Can I use MPT4U Application in Web or Mobile (Android/IOS) without Internet Network?

– Yes, you can use MPT4U from any of your Android devices, even if there is no internet. Just follow simple steps and easily use MPT4U.
i. Use MPT Network.
ii. Keep mobile data On.
iii. Keep any VPN off.
iv. Easily use MPT4U and stay connected.
– MPT4U iOS will be available soon. We are working on it for you.
– Users can not access MPT4U Web without internet.

5.Do I need VPN to use MPT4U,without internet? Are there any additional charges by using MPT4U App and which functions can i use in MPT4U without internet?

– Yes, you can use MPT4U with or without any VPN. However, using MPT4U with VPN, you may need to enter with OTP.
– MPT4U is always free of cost for using on MPT network.
– Currently you can use below functions on MPT4U when there is no internet.
i. Check your balance.
ii. Check daily usage.
iii. Topup by voucher card. (for yourself and can gift also)
iv. Package Purchase. (for yourself and can gift also)
v. Special Offers Purchase
vi. Get Loan Balance
vii. Balance Transfer to friends and family.
viii. Check MPT Club Points and Redeem.
ix. Play Hti Pauk.
x. Check history of Topup, Package purchase
xi. Change plan, Use call services, etc.
– You can also play Hti Pauk in MPT4U as regularly. However, please note that sometimes the response might be slow.

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