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You can easily check remaining “Balane”,”Data”,”Bonus”,”Voice”,”MPT Club Point “

You can play Hti Pauk games after topup or package purchase on MPT4U and get attractive rewards

We offer special package for you on MPT4U and can play “Special Offer Hti Pauk” upon purchasing the pack.

You can easily Top up , Buy Package, take Loan Balance ,Balance Transfer on MPT4U.
Check Daily Usage and subscribed services with data free MPT4U app

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MPT4U?

MPT4U is a place which user can topup bill, buy the packages, check the daily usage and other services . And, it can use the MPT4U app with Myanmar Version .

2. Can I use MPT4U even there is no Mobile Data (Internet)?

Yes, you can use MPT4U from any of your Android devices, even if there is no internet. Just follow simple steps and easily use MPT4U.
i. Use MPT Network.
ii. Keep mobile data On.
iii. Keep any VPN off.
iv. Easily use MPT4U and stay connected.

3. Can we do SIM Registration via MPT4U? How can we do ?

You can do SIM Registration via MPT4U.
Click “Profile” in MPT4U, type your required information correctly on the “My Profile”page and click “Save”.

4. Can we update our SIM Registration information on MPT4U?

Yes ,you can update it.
Check your information and if it is not correct informaiton , you can edit and save it again.

5.Do I need to use VPN to use MPT4U?

No. You don’t need VPN to use MPT4U without internet. Just turn off any VPN while using MPT4U

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