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SIM registration

To update your SIM Registration details by MPT 4U Application or web-site, Requirement as below; (1) Username (2) Original National Registration Card (NRC ID) (3) National Registration Card Number MPT Customers can conveniently update their SIM Registration information free-of-charge through various channels listed below – 1) Simply Dial *601# for checking on registered information in your SIM.

2) MPT 4U Application (The application is free to download by dialing *4040# for Android OS. Data fees will be charged to download MPT 4U Application at Apple® App Store and Google® Play Store 3) MPT’s Customer Self-Care website at As directed by the Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD), customers are allowed to register only two SIM cards under one valid NRC number.MPT customers are encouraged to complete or update the SIM Registration with correct personal information no later than 30th Jun 2020.

SIM Registration

1. What is SIM Registration?

SIM card registration is a required process during the purchase of SIM cards from telecommunications operators.

2. When do you we need to do SIM Registration?

This is a requirement from the government (PTD: Post & Telecommunications Department) and MPT will comply with the instruction from the government. Customers are required to register their SIM Cards with their Name after purchase the SIM.

3. Why must we register our Numbers?

According to a government instruction, all SIM cards are required to be registered.

4. What Information and documentation do I need to make registration?

Customer’s Name, and original and copy of national registration card (passport for foreigners) which was issued by Myanmar Nationality Law.

5. Will my information be kept safe?

Yes, all of the information received by the operators is safe as there will be no other use except for the purpose of registration.

6. Do I need to register under contracted sale from MPT in the past?

If current user is the different from the name mentioned in the contract the holder of SIM is required to register.

7. Can I register Multiple cards?

As per the announcement from Post & Telecommunication Department, starting 1st April 2019, 2 MPT SIM per NRC  can be registered.

8. How can we check our registered SIM Cards with my name?

Customer can check dialing * 601 # and if customer’s SIM registration information is not correct, Customers can update the information at MPT 4U Application or or visit MPT Own Shop in their respective township to get help with SIM registration.

9. What will happen if have not registered the SIM?

MPT services cannot be used without registration.

10. How many MPT Own Shop, Branded Shop and POS?

89 MPT Own Shop, 218 MPT Branded Shop and nearly 100,000 POS nationwide.

11. Will customers be charged for data connection used to download MPT4U Application?

It’s free for downloading MPT 4U Application by dialing *4040#. Downloading MPT 4U Application at Apple store / Google Play store would be charged.

12. Can customer check by calling 106? Will 106 disclose registered customers’ particulars?

Customer can check if the SIM was registered correctly or not by calling 106. . In case operator of 106 will ask customer to tell information such as name and/or NRC ID to verify.

13. Can customer amend the registered particulars through 106?

Customers can not amend the registered information through via 106.

14. Where customer can amend the SIM Registration?

Customers can visit to MPT own shop in your township to get support regarding SIM registration and also visit MPT’s customer self-care website ( or MPT4U for update information.

15. What is USSD for SIM Registration?

USSD is the fastest way to check SIM Registration information for MPT Customers.

16. How is it work?

Customer can check * 601 # for SIM Registration. The function is currently available. Customer will receive a confirmation message (SMS) first and then receive an SMS again immediately. In the message, you will be able to check whether their MPT SIMs have been registered with their NRC (National ID) and if the information does not match, you can access the information through SMS link.

17. How we can know SIM Registration is finish or not?

Calling to *601# will then show whether the SIM card is registered on the user’s phone’s screen. If you are not yet registered with your name, you will need to re-register with your information correctly. You can check at MPT 4U or Self-Care webpage at and MPT Own shop.

18. Is there a cost?

There are no charges.

19. Who can use it?

All MPT Customer can dial *601#, except those customers using CDMA.

20. If Sim registration haven’t done within deadline, 30 th April, what will happen?

After April 30th 2020, SIM cards which are not properly registered using a legal name and proper identification such as NRC Number for Myanmar Citizens or Passport for Foreigners, as well as for customers who have more than 2 SIM cards registered under the same identity, these SIM cards will be moved to “One-Way Block Stage” where outgoing calls, SMS, Data and all chargeable services are blocked except to contact 106 Call Center.

21. Even after One Way blocked, can we register our SIM cards?

Even after a SIM card has entered the “One Way Block Stage”, customers still have a chance to re-activate it by updating the SIM registration with accurate information using MPT4U App (or) MPT’s customer selfcare website ( (or) call USSD *601#  before 30th June 2020. However, if a SIM card is not properly updated during these 2 months (May and June) , it will be terminated. (Data Channel required for online sim registration)

22. After One Way blocked, If SIM card updating haven’t done yet, what will continue happen?

If you haven’t registered your sim card properly after One Way Blocked, it will be terminated by the end of June, 2020.

23. How can we know my NRC ID had been used by others?

Customers can visit and get support at the nearest MPT Own shop & office with the help of MPT’s staff. (need to bring your NRC original)

24. : If someone registered sim cards with my NRC ID , how will you manage more than two Sim cards with the same NRC ID ? (Or) More than two Sim cards won’t be allowed to register ?

As per the announcement from Posts & Telecommunications Department, only two (2) SIM cards for each operator registered under the same identity (NRC) can be registered. Customers can visit and get support at the nearest MPT Own shop & office with the help of MPT’s staff. (need to bring your NRC original)

SIM Activation

1. What steps need to make for activation?

Making First Recharge 20,001 Ks is only one step to make SIM activation.

2. If First Recharge top-up amount is below 20,001 Ks, what will happen?

Below 20,001 Ks top-up will be unsuccessful. Unsuccessful notification will be received.