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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is “Monthly invoice payment by using Top-up card (or) main balance ”?

Ø“Monthly invoice payment by using Top-up card (or) main balance ” is the new payment channel for Postpaid monthly invoice via Top-up Card (Prepaid/Postpaid SIM ) and main balance (Prepaid SIM) by using MPT GSM mobile.

2.What kinds of invoice I can pay by this new payment channel?

You can make payment for all MPT Postpaid Service (PSTN, ADSL, GSM, CDMA, IPStar) and FTTH.

3.Will there be service charges by using this new payment channel?

Payment by this channel subject to service charge of the payment amount, but as a service promotion, MPT has extended the offer no service charge until further notice.

4.How to make payment by using MPT GSM Mobile?

*258# and make payment accordingly user guideline.

5.Can I use other operators’ GSM mobile to make payment?

You can make payment by using only MPT GSM mobile.

6.How can I know if payment is successful or not?

MPT will send SMS for payment confirmation after each payment completed.

7.If I make wrong payment, what should I do?

Please check your payment record with Call Center (106) or at the MPT payment collection counter (TRA) and present the payment receipt SMS.

8.If I do not receive SMS after payment or how can I check for the payments I paid?

Kindly contact to Call Center (106) or at the MPT payment collection counter (TRA) . If you do not have register contact numbers to receive SMS, please register at TRA and Commercial office.

9.Which mobile numbers will the service owner receive for payment success detail SMS?

Service owner will receive payment success detail SMS to the mobile numbers which are registered for E-invoice and already verified.

10. How do I update/change the contact number?

Kindly contact to Call Center (106) or at the MPT payment collection counter (TRA) and Commercial office.

11.Can we make payment on behalf of someone ? What is the information need ?

Yes. You can. You need service owner’s information e.g Invoice No , Account Code and Payment Amount to pay bill.

12.Is there any limit for payment transactions?

You can make payment by prepaid balance for (5) times a day. There is no limitation for payment by the Top-up card.

13.Is there time limitation to make payment ?

You can make payment by prepaid main balance (or) top-up card at any time. However, in order to avoid line suspension, kindly make payment as per due date mentioned on the monthly invoice.

14.In case payment is made to re-open the line under suspension by overdue. After payment made, when the line will be re-opened ?

After payment has been made and covers all the outstanding amount. The suspended line will be re-opened within 2-3 working days after the payment completed.

15. If I made payment, but my line is not opened. Why ?

Firstly, you need to check your payment whether it covered full invoice amount or not , you can also contact to Call Center (106) . Line will be re-opened after payment for full invoice amount is made.

16.In case my line is being suspended but there is outstanding amount, can I use this new payment channel to make payment for the outstanding ?

Although your line is being suspended by any reasons, still you can make payment via current channels including this new payment channel. The line will be automatically re-open after the payment completed except in case the line was suspended by request and you wish to re-open the line, you need to request line re-opening at MPT Commercial Office.

17.In case my line has been terminated but there is outstanding amount, can I use this new payment channel to make payment for the outstanding

You can’t make payment for terminated service by this channel. If you want to reactive the service, you need to apply the service and make settlement for the outstanding balance.

18.If i make payment more than invoice amount , what can be happened ?

Payment more than invoice amount , those money will be considered as service owner’s money.

-If service owner had no outstanding amount , the remaining amount will be recorded as advance balance in service owner’s account.

-If service owner had other outstanding invoice(s) , the remaining amount will  settle with other invoice in service owner’s account.

19.If I made payment less than invoice amount, what will happen?

Payment less than invoice amount, it will be recorded as partial payment. You need to make more payment to cover the remaining outstanding amount, otherwise the service will be suspended after payment overdue, despite with small overdue amount.

20.If I made payment even there is no outstanding amount, what will happen?

The whole payment  will be registered as advance balance.

21.Can we make payment by this channel for the outstanding amount of Postpaid Service Account after we changed from Postpaid service to Prepaid Service?

No. Because the advance (or) outstanding balance of Postpaid Service Account will be considered as Prepaid Service Main Balance. If you have Postpaid ‘s outstanding amount, it will be automatically deducted from your Prepaid Service balance.