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2nd-week Htaw B Dance Video Terms & Conditions

Htaw B Video Competition, organized by MPT, will be held from 29th November to 5th December 2018.
The contest is not open to employees of MPT.

Terms and Conditions

(1) The participant must upload the video on their Facebook or Tiktok account (must be public on both) with #HtawBDance hashtag included.

(2) Video must be your unique creation and must be appropriate for all viewers, or will otherwise not be considered.

(3) The participants must permit MPT permission to use this uploaded video for any occasion.

(4) 1st-week prize winners are not allowed to enter this weeks’ competition.

(5) For those who have not won any prizes during the previous week, you must upload new videos to participate in this week.

(6) The prizes for the second week (29 Nov to 05 Dec – 5 PM) include: 5 x iPad Pro, 250 x 10,000Ks Htaw B balance.

(7) We will choose 5 Winners among the contestant’s videos in a 2nd week and give iPad Pro. The winners must follow Htaw B Video Competition’s terms and conditions. Winners of Htaw B balance will be chosen at random.

(8) We will announce a total 255 Winners for 2nd week on Dec 7 from MPT’s Official Facebook Page.

(9) If the participants use fake votes or don’t abide by our competition’s terms and conditions, they will not be eligible to participate in this competition.

(10) We assume that participants have read all terms & conditions and they completely understand.

(11) MPT has the right to change the policy in any conditions.

(12) For any disputes, MPT’s decision will be final.