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Huawei Nova 2i

1. What is that Huawei Nova 2i promotion about?

When you buy Huawei Nova 2i during promotion period, you will get free MPT bonus cash.
This bonus can be used only for internet data.
Free bonus cash can be given once per month (30 days validity of each bonus) and up to 12 months from first month.

2. How long will the free bonus are given?

Up to 12 months, from the first month of using data with any MPT sim card and Huawei Nova 2i.
E.g. If customer uses Huawei Nova 2i and MPT sim card together in October 2017, free data can be given only up to September 2018, even customer didn’t top up in November till August.

3. What will happen if I switch to base plan?

Free cash bonus can be used only with Swe Thahar Plan, Shal Pyaw Plan and Shwe Zagar Plan.
If customer switches to base plan and then switches back to Swe Thahar Plan or Shal Pyaw Plan or Shwe Zagar Plan, the customer still get remaining bonus data.

4. What is the expiry date of bonus cash?

Bonus cash would last for 30 days from the day it is given.

5. Which type of cash will be used first, bonus or main balance?

Bonus cash will be always be used first. (only for data)

6. What is the price?

Huawei Nova 2i = 309,000 MMK

7. Where can I get the handset?

Customer can buy at Huawei dealer shops.

8. When will be available in the market?

Huawei Nova 2i handset will be in the market on 11, November, 2017.

9. Do we have warranty card?

1 year warranty is including with all handsets.

10. How to get bonus?

Have to use Huawei nova 2i those models with any MPT GSM sim card.
Must insert into SIM slot 1 and switch to 3G network then call to *268# to activate after that top up as mention.
Need to top up as mention in sms every month for other months.

11. What about free cash bonus recharge amount?

The bonus and recharge amount is:
Free cash bonus 3000 mmk per month upon recharge of 5000 mmk per month.

12. What is the free gift item?

Gift item is Huawei power bank.

13. How to check bonus balance?

Dial *224# and receive balance sms.

14. How to activate for this bonus?

User needs to switch to 3G network first then dial *268# and will receive sms. If didn’t receive sms, need to restart the handset and try again.

15. Will user still use bonus if user switches to another MPT SIM after got bonus at 1st MPT SIM at same Huawei Nova 2i handset?

After the user got bonus in first activated MSISDN with paired IMEI then user has to use along 12 months to get the cash bonus with this MSISDN and can’t change to another SIM card.

16. Will same MPT SIM card still get bonus if user has another bonus from Samsung S8 or another Huawei Nova 2i?

No, same MPT SIM card will not get bonus if user already has another bonus at same MPT SIM. Eg. MPT SIM has Samsung S8 bonus then can’t get Sony’s bonus but when Samsung S8/S8+ data bonus for 6 months finished, it can get Huawei Nova 2i bonus.