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MPT’s FTTH Internet Service(Fiber To The Home)

Wifi Username/Password Setting guide

For HUAWEI ONU users as follow,

When you want to change Wifi-username/password, please call and request to 2800.MPT technical team will directly call to you and you need to follow instructions as below-


Connect Wireless or LAN network of FTTH service

Please connect to the wireless or LAN network of FTTH to configure the wifi-username and password.

Go to ONU Log-in Page

Open the Web Browser and input


Log-in Username and password

MPT technical will provide one time username and password. Please input username and password to log-in.


Select WLAN Tab

Go to the “WLAN” Tab, to set up new Wifi-username/password.


Set up your new Wifi-username/password

Input your new wifi-username in “SSID Name:” Box.

Input your new wifi-password in “WPA PreShareKey:” Box.


Apply your new wifi-username/password

Click apply to complete your new wifi-username/password setting.


Reboot you Wifi-router

Reboot your Wifi-router by double clicking Power on-off buttom.


Test you Wifi Connection

Try to connect Wifi in your device and use internet.

If you have trouble about connecting Wifi and internet, please call and request to 2800

HUAWEI ONU Wifi Setting Guide>>> PDF link