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Ippudo Japanese Restaurant

Ippudo was opened in Fukuoka Japan in 1985 by Mr.Shigemikawahara who is winner of ‘TV Champion Ramen chef’. Ippudo has over 200 outlets in major cities worldwide and is opened in April, 2017 in Myanmar. Ippudo is well known for its tonkotsu ramen, and has been described as “the most famous tonkotsu ramen shop in the country”.

Ippudo Rewards:

  • MPT Club Diamond : 7,500 MMK off
  • MPT Club Platinum : 5,000 MMK off

Promotion Period:

10 September 2020 – 30 September 2020

How to get Rewards?

  1. MPT will sent Ippudo Promo Code by SMS within promotion period and check SMS sender name “MPTStayHome”.
  2. Call *345*4*2# and enter the Promo Code.
  3. You will receive successful SMS and show this SMS to Shop counter.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotion is valid only for MPT Club Diamond and Platinum users who receive SMS.
  2. MPT Club will send SMS preferentially to the user who register MPT Money and redeem MPT Point in August (or) September.
  3. This promotion is only one time for one Diamond (or) Platinum MPT Club user.
  4. The promotion period is from 10 September 2020 to 30 September 2020.
  5. The promotion will be ended, when promo code applied users reach to 2,000.


1. Who can enjoy Ippudo promotion?

Customer who receive SMS Diamond and Platinum MPT Club customer can have a chance to get this promotion. There is limited customer.

Diamond member – 1,000 customers

Platinum member – 1,000 customers

The promo code can’t be used if each level of limited amount customer is reached.

Note : SMS will receiver customer are who is the Diamond and Platinum of MPT Club, please register MPT Money and the action need to done any of MPT Club redemption package.

2. What benefits can customers enjoy?

Customers can enjoy as per level below:

Diamond level – 7,500 MMK off

Platinum level – 5,000 MMK off

***Note: Customers can enjoy this promotion only one time. ***

3. How to join this promotion?

Customers (only Diamond & Platinum level) who receive promo codes via SMS

  • Dial *345*4*2#, enter the received promo code then enjoy the offer
  • Show this promo code SMS at Crystal Jade shop counter and enjoy related level promotion benefit.

4. What is the promotion period?

Promotion is from 10th September 2020 to 30th September 2020.

 ***Note: Received Promo Code via SMS can be used within promotion period. ***


5 . How to register MPT Club?

Freely register by dialing *345# and reply M for male and F for female.

Or freely register via MPT4U app by taping MPT Club logo and reply M for male and F for female.

(MPT 4 U link : ( for IOS version  / for Android version  )