Learn English with mobile-assisted M-learning service portal

17 Jul 2017

(Yangon, 17 July 2017) – MPT users now can enjoy M-Learning, a new and innovative educational portal for MPT users to learn English. The service offers a series of language lessons consisting of different categories based on their levels of English proficiency (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

The new M-Learning mobile portal includes six categories of regularly updated vocabulary, dialogues and conversational facts, as well as audio samples for pronunciation tips. Subscribers will also be able to test their language proficiency by taking a 10-questions test in each category.

M-Learning is a service based on a mobile site using the HTML 5 technology, enabling users access from internet-enabled feature phones and the whole range of smartphones, including all operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.,). Furthermore, subscribers can access the portal from a desktop or laptop, providing MPT users the relative convenience of a cloud-based service.

The service is open to all MPT customers. The subscribers will enjoy the benefits of learning with unrestricted, full access to the portal and receive daily SMS English lessons regardless of what type of phone they use.

To subscribe to this language portal service, users are required to send an SMS with the word “ON” to 8282:

a) SEND ON to 8282

b) Upon subscription the user receives confirmation SMS as below:

I. Welcome message

II. User ID & password with link to access M-Learning portal

III. English lesson – content of the day

All new subscribers are given a complimentary 1 week free access, after which a daily subscription charge of 158 Ks (including tax) will be imposed.

Mr Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said “The launch of M-Learning portal is another giant leap for MPT into the world of mobile learning – notably with the best business resources for learning English. With the business world becoming increasingly ‘global’ and with English well established as the international business language, learning English as a second language is becoming vital for those who want to further their careers.”

For more information on M-Learning service and how to gain access to it, please visit http://engclass.up.st/