Lo Ta YA FAQS en

31 Aug 2020

Lo Ta YA

1. What is Lo Ta Ya?

Lo Ta Ya is an MPT all-in-one portal application that can use in both mobile app and website which provides a wide variety of content to inform and enrich your daily life.

2. Where can I download LoTaYa from?

For easy way, dial *2727# on your mobile phone. You will receive SMS with LoTaYa download URL instantly. LoTaYa can be downloaded from Apple Store, Google Play Store and can be download directly from LoTaYa website. Data charges will apply for downloading the application from Google play and App Store.

3. Which phones does the app work on?

LoTaYa works on all Android based smartphones as well as iPhone.
Android version 4.4 and above user can use.

4။ What types of content are available on LoTaYa?

There are Variety of update News, Games, Horoscope, Dhamma, Weather, CSR, and Coupon, VAS services like MPT Ring Tune, MNL Online and Infotainment etc.

5 . What kinds of games can play in LoTaYa?

Can play Web games for free with MPT network and can get a lot of information for application games.