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1. What is LTE+?

LTE+ is fourth generation of mobile phone technology and it offers users much faster connection for a mobile internet experience- up to ten times faster than 3G.

3. While I am on LTE+ and go to the places where LTE+ is not available, what will happen? Do I need to turn 3G on again?

No, you do not need to manually turn 3G on again. 3G will be automatically on when you go to the places where LTE+ is not available, and LTE+ will be on back once you reach LTE+ available places.

5. Can base-tariff users use LTE+ service?

No, base-tariff users cannot use LTE+ service. Since maximum data speed for base tariff users is limited to 256kbps (4ks/min) and 128kbps (2ks/min), they cannot use 4G service. Please subscribe to Shal Pyaw (dial*234*3#) or Swe Tha Har (dial *234*2#) to enjoy the fast speed of MPT 4G/LTE.

7. How can I turn on LTE+(4G) on my phone?

For iPhone:] Go to settings, choose cellular then go to cellular data options, then choose “voice & data”, there you can choose LTE (4G), 3G, 2G.

[For Samsung:] Go to settings, choose mobile network, then go to network mode and there you can choose LTE/3G/2G

[For Huawei: ] Go to settings and go to more, there you can enable 4G

[For Vivo: ]Go to Settings, choose Mobile Network and go to Network mode, and there you can choose 4G/3G/2G

[For other handsets: ]Go to settings, and go to tethering & networks, then go to Mobile network, and from network Mode you can choose 4G/3G/2G.

2. What are the benefit of LTE+?

As LTE+ is much faster than current 3G, customer can experience better internet for their mobile web access, HD video streaming, video calling, online gaming, downloading and picture uploading.

4. What should I do to use LTE+ service?

  1. Make sure you are in SweThaHar or ShalPyaw plan.
  2. Your handset should be LTE+ compatible handset which supports 1800 MHz frequency band.
  1. Your SIM card should be USIM to enjoy LTE+ services at anywhere it is available. To check the SIM card,dial *106*5#

6. How do I know if my current SIM is a USIM or not?

You can simply check by dialing *106*5#. If it is old SIM, you can change to LTE+ SIM (USIM) at any MPT branded shops for free and your number will not be changed. Please check the list of the shops here (

8. How can I check my handset is 4G/LTE compatible?

Go to settings and Under Cellular Data Options or Mobile network, if there is 4G/LTE, the handset is 4G compatible. Please note that settings vary depending on the type of handset.