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Lucky Bonus

1. What is Lucky Bonus for Data Promotion?

– Recharge more and check how lucky you are!
– MPT Customers need to can opt-in by dialing *700# to join Lucky Bonus for Data Campaign.
– All opt-in users can get up to 150% Lucky Bonus for Data for every 1000Ks and above E top-up or MPT4U Recharge within promotion period.
– Bonus % you received may vary depends on your luck.

2. Who can get Lucky Bonus for Data?

MPT GSM/WCDMA Prepaid users can opt-in by dialing *700# and enjoy Lucky Bonus for Data.

3. How the bonus can be used?

Bonus can be used for PAYG Data for 3 Days.

4. Do I need to dial *700# several time?

You just need to dial *700# only one time to opt-in.

5. How can I know that I receive Lucky Bonus for Data?

As soon as you make valid recharges, you will receive Lucky Bonus for Data and MPT will inform you by sending SMS. And you also can check your bonus amount by dialing *224#.

6. How does the bonus % vary (10% to 150%)?

– % of Bonus will be Randomly received by every recharge.

– Minimum is 10% and Maximum is 150%. You can receive one of the Bonus when you make recharge (Terms and Conditions will apply)

– It all depends on how lucky you are. You can recharge more and you can check your luck.

7. Is there any “No Bonus” in Lucky Bonus for Data?

Not at all. Every users will receive one Lucky Bonus for Data each ( Terms and Conditions will apply)

8. What happen if I recharge multiple times?

You will receive multiple Bonuses, if you make multiple recharges. Bonus amounts will be merged and extended to the latest Bonus

9. I dialed *700# and recharge through voucher card. Can I receive Lucky Bonus for Data?

No, you cannot receive Bonus. Lucky Bonus for Data can be received if customer makes E top-up or MPT4U recharge.

10. I recharged 500Ks+500Ks via E Top-up. Can I receive Lucky Bonus for Data?

No, it is ineligible to receive Lucky Bonus for Data. Customer need to recharge minimum solid 1000Ks.

11. If I recharge on Friday, what will happen?

If you are opt-in user and makes E top-up recharge on Friday, you will receive both Happy Friday Bonus & Lucky Bonus for Data. Happy Friday Bonus will be consumed first.

12. Do I need to opt-in again if I have already opt-in previous 120% Lucky Bonus?

No, you are already in Lucky Bonus for Data once you opt-in previous 120% Lucky Bonus.

13. If I have Htaw B Balance at the same time, from where will I get charged first for my data usage?

You will be charged from Lucky Bonus for Data first before Htaw B Balance.