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Data Carry Plus

1.What are Data Carry Plus and how can I buy those packs?

Data Carry Packs are the special data packages which can be used for standard data and have carryover function.Every Data Carry Plus Pack purchased user can use the data with 1Ks/MB and win up to 400GB lucky data. Data Carry Plus Packs are as follow: 

Price [Tax Icnl;] KsData Volume (MB)Lucky DataValidityDirect USSD
699 Ks415 MBCan win up to 400GB!30 Days [can carry over within 7 days after expiry] *777*1#
799 Ks630MB*777*2# 
999 Ks905 MB*777*3#
1,299 Ks1180 MB*777*4#
1,799 Ks1630MB*777*5#
2,699 Ks2450 MB*777*6#
4,499 Ks4100 MB*777*7#
8,999 Ks8200 MB*777*8#
17,999 Ks16400 MB*777*9#
26,999 Ks24500MB*777*0#

2. Are the prices tax inclusive?

Yes, pack prices include 5% commercial tax.

3.Who can subscribe Data Carry Plus Packs?

GSM/WCDMA users (Swe Thahar/Shal Pyaw/Shwe Zagar) can subscribe Data Packs. CDMA, Base Tariff users and non-active users are not eligible to subscribe.

4.When I buy Data Carry Plus pack, what can I win?

When you buy Data Carry Plus pack, you can win up to 400GB.

5.What will happen when I buy Data Carry Plus pack on Friday?

You can enjoy Happy Friday extra data (MBs) when you buy Data Carry Plus pack on Friday.

6. How can I use lucky data?

You can use lucky data for All Data with 7 days validity.


7.How can I check Data Carry Plus Packs balance?

Users can check their Data Carry Plus Packs by dialing *224#.

8.How many Data Carry Plus Packs can I subscribe?

Multi-subscription is allowed, and the package data quota and validity of Data allowances will be merged. Validity and quota of lucky data will also be merged.

9.What is the validity of Data Carry Plus Packs?

Validity of package is 30 days and carry over period is 7 days. The package data quota and validity of Data allowances will be merged. Lucky data can be used for 7 days and validity & data quota will also be merged.

10.What happens to my unused data during carry over period?

During carry over period (after the period of data pack expired- 7 Days), users will not be able to use their remaining package data allowance. Unused package data will be added to new pack if users purchased new Data Carry Plus Pack within carry over period. Validity and quota of lucky data will also be merged.

11. Can I gift Data Carry Plus Packs to others?

You can gift Data Carry Plus packs to others. Dial *777# or *106*2#, choose Data Pack you want to share and choose option 2.’Gift’, enter mobile number you want to.

12.When is the promotion period?

Promotion period is from 9th September 2019 to until further notice.