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1. What is the M-Learning service?

  • M-Learning is an educational innovative portal that will invite MPT users to be able to learn English through a series of provided Language lessons. The Service also offers general knowledge language learning content (through SMS the user will receive 1 daily content) as well as access to an HTML5 Language portal. The service will offer different categories and different levels (Beginner, Intermediate and advanced) for users to learn.The service has a cost of 158 Ks/Daily (Including all Taxes). Upon first time subscription, users will be able to enjoy a free trial of 7 calendar days to the service.

3. Who is eligible to subscribe?

The service is open to all customers of MPT. The person that owns the SIM card or has express authorization from the SIM card’s owner to use it is considered the Subscriber, regardless of the actual user of the phone.

5. How can I unsubscribe from the M-Learning service?

To unsubscribe please follow the below steps

  • SEND STOP to 8282
  • User will received SMS confirmation for unsubscription.

User may also use the following Keywords for Unsubscrirption : EXIT, OUT, CANCEL.

7. Where can I find the link for the M-Learning Portal?

You can access M-Learning portal via the link The participants can recover the portal link at any time by sending “INFO” to 8282.

9. M-Learning portal loading is slow. What can I do for this? / While I’m inside the portal, I tap or click but nothing happens. Why?

  • First of all try to refresh the page or close and then reopen your browser.
  • Check if your mobile data connection or WiFi are working properly.
  • If you’re using your mobile data connection, make sure you have still data available (check with your Service Provider if necessary).
  • Make sure you are not browsing through “Private Window” or “Incognito Mode”.
  • If your device is slow, please take a moment to close unnecessary open windows or panels, to disable special plugins or Antivirus and Firewalls that may block your navigation.

11. Can I access the M-Learning service from more than one device?

  • Yes, you can access the M-Learning via any data enabled device given that you use the link of M-Learning Portal and insert your credentials.

2. How does it work and how to subscribe?

  • Users interested in subscribing to the service user may  send an SMS with any of  keyword YES, ON, OK, GO, IN to 8282. The portal can be accessed via internet connection (WiFi, 2G, 3G or 4G). Below are the steps explained to subscribe. 
    • SEND ON to 8282
    • Upon successful subscription user receives confirmation SMS as below:
      1. Welcome message
      2. Receive details (UserID/password & portal link) to access M-Learning portal
      3. English Lesson – Content of the day.

4. Do I pay for the SMS I receive?

  • Daily subscription fee of 158 k is charged, however all SMS received by users from short code 8282 is free of charge.

6. How do I get my User ID & password?

  • The personal credentials for the M-Learning Portal will be sent to the participant upon first subscription. The participants can recover the portal link at any time by sending “PASSWORD” to 8282. Your mobile number is your user ID.

8. Why don’t I have access to M-Learning portal?

  • This could be because user is required to have HTML5 compatible browser to access the portal. Another reason could be because there may be an issue with your subscription payment. Please check that you have sufficient balance at your mobile to pay your Daily subscription. Once your mobile balance is successfully charged with the Daily subscription cost, you will have full access to the portal.

10. Can I save the portal page (or the M-Learning) somewhere on my phone so I can easily reach to it?

You can create a shortcut to the portal by adding an icon on your smartphone/ tablet home screen. To do this go to your browser’s Settings and click on “Add to home screen”. Please remember that your connection must be set to ON, otherwise the link won’t work.

12. I sent a message, but I did not receive an SMS reply.

If you haven’t received an SMS reply, follow the instructions below:

  1. Check if your mobile phone reached the messages filing capacity limit and it is without memory to receive new ones. Please, delete some of the messages to free space.
  2. The message was not sent to the correct number. Write a new SMS and send it to the number you receive your service.
  3. There is the possibility that the network in your area is overloaded at the moment. Please, wait. If you don’t receive the message in 15 minutes, please, send a new SMS.