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Missed Call Alert Service

How does MCA message look to recipient?

Users will receive the following MCA message from the caller’s phone number: “You have a missed call from 09XXXXXXXX at xx:xx dd-mm-yyyy.”

Who will be affected by the current changes on MCA service?

All current and new GSM and WCDMA subscribers will have MCA activated by default, with the exception of users who have subscribed to either Voice Mail Service or Call Forwarding service.

How do I subscribe to Missed Call Alert?

Send “MCA” to 1331 to subscribe. Subscription is free.

Do I need to call a number to check my missed calls?

No, the system will automatically send an SMS to notify you of your missed calls.

Can I use Voice Mail Service / Call Forwarding with MCA?

You may not use Voice Mail Service / Call Forwarding with MCA. If you are an active subscriber of either service, you will not be automatically enrolled to MCA.

Do I need to pay for MCA service?

User does not need to pay any fees for MCA service. It is a free service for all MPT users.

Can I get MCA message in Myanmar language?

Currently, user cannot get message in Myanmar language. But MPT is developing the Myanmar version and it should be ready in the coming months.

How do I use Missed Call Alert?

When your phone is out of network coverage area or is switched off, you will receive a notification SMS of any missed calls once your phone is switched on. You will not be charged for the notification SMS received.

How do I unsubscribe to Missed Call Alert?

Send “MCA OFF” to 1331 to unsubscribe.