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Mobile Legend Data Pack

What is Mobile Legend and what can I get with Mobile Legend Data Pack?

Mobile Legends is an exciting mobile game with millions of players all over the world. Now play as much as you want because with the Mobile Legends Data Pack, you can get big data quota and great in-game items at the best price.

Here is what you get:

Data quota815 MB of Mobile Legends data
In-game items14 diamonds
Validity30 days
Price860 Ks


Step 1: Dial *8001# to buy the Mobile Legends Data Pack

Step 2: You will receive 815 MB of Mobile Legends data and an SMS with a unique code for 14 diamonds

Step 3: Visit and enter the code along with your Mobile Legends game ID to get 14 diamonds at no extra cost

My Mobile Legends Data quota 815 MB is over. Can I continue to play?

Yes, you can continue playing Mobile Legends for as long as you want. If your Mobile Legends data quota or 30 days validity is over, you will simply be charged as per the applicable data pack/ PayGo rates.

Can I use this Mobile Legends Pack for regular data usage such as browsing Facebook or watching You Tube?

The data quota bundles is only for Mobile Legends. Any usage other than Mobile Legends will be charged as per applicable data pack or Paygo rates.

What is Mobile Legends Bang Bang Hti Pauk? And how is work?

MPT users will get (1) chance to play MLBB Hti Pauk in MPT4U after they purchased MLBB Data Pack (815 MB for 860 Ks)

1. Purchase MLBB Data Pack via USSD *8001#[call] or MPT4U

2. Take one chance to get prizes from MLBB Hti Pauk

3. Everybody will win bonus prizes in each lucky draw by playing MLBB Hti Pauk