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Mobile Remote Access Service

1. What is MRA?

  • Mobile Remote Access (MRA) is a service for business and corporate customers. It is a cost-effective way of reaching company servers and data, maintaining a consistent connection to business networks from a range of multiple mobile devices.

3. How secure is it?

It is accessed via a dedicated Access Point Name (APN), specifically assigned to each individual business, on the MPT network.

There are two types that MPT is offering:

  • Standard MRA – which is accessed via internet
  • Secured MRA, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will be the first-of-its-kind for a Myanmar mobile operator, offering a secure IP-VPN backbone with each connection authenticated for maximum privacy.

5. Is there limitation with number of SIM card user?

No, there is no limitation on the number of users.

7. Do I need to subscribe/activate MRA service on my MPT SIM?

Contact MPT Business Sales Department will directly take care of customers.

Please Email: [email protected], Call Center: 106

2. What use is it?

  • MPT Mobile Remote Access service is ideal for M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) communication.


This service can extend the reach of an organization or business to smaller offices or home set-ups at a distance.

The service can also be used to handle sensitive information from appliances such as ATMs and points of sale, as well as for other SIM enabled devices like personal computers and mobile hotspots in order to access company networks.

4. What type of SIMs can access MRA service?

  • 3G or 4G SIM cards (GSM and WCDMA) can access MRA service, data is required for the service.

6. What are the tariffs for MPT’s MRA service?

  • It is monthly recurring charge, and the price is adapted according to the number of SIM cards that the customer registers under the plan.