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MPT Clean and Sustainable Water Program

What is this program?

Many areas of Myanmar lack sufficient access to water – especially during the dry season. Sources of water may be available, but adequate storage facilitates, or the means to tap groundwater reservoirs, can be too expensive or difficult to build without expertise. With the help of MPT and the collaboration of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), The MPT Clean and Sustainable Water Program will provide solutions to problems that communities face by drilling tube wells and creating reservoir ponds.

What is being proposed?

Our 210 million Kyats investment, in close collaboration with NGOs who are working with Department of Rural Development, will support vulnerable communities to tap the supplies available to them.  Together we will be identifying sites around the country that could benefit from tube wells and reservoir ponds.

Who are the partners?

These projects will be delivered by our NGO partners namely: the Network Activities Group (NAG) and Bridge Asia Japan (BAJ).


Network Activities Group (NAG) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2008 dedicated to improving the lives of Myanmar’s poor and vulnerable. By creating inclusive networks and collaborative partnerships, NAG helps empower communities and develop sustainable livelihoods. NAG is the proud recipient of the 2015 ASEAN Leadership Award on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication.


BAJ is a Japanese organization that provides assistance for people facing difficulties such as poverty and discrimination in Myanmar, and has been constructing hundreds of tube wells to international standards for many years. It has more than two decades of experience in this country and has built a trustworthy relationship with Department for Rural Development (DRD).


We also are considering other NGOs should they be more appropriate or more knowledgeable about a particular area over the course of the program.

Where is the NAG Project located?

NAG’s Projects located in two villages of Kyauk Htauk Kone in Kyauk Se Township, Manadalay Region and Nat Chaung of Kalay Township, Sagaing Region.

How much is being spent in each region?

The 210 million Kyats will be used for the whole program based on the depth and locations and for the current projects we work with NAG will be 29.9 Million and with BAJ is 23.8 Million.

Why water?

MPT has a wide range of CSR activities ranging from education, communications to earthquake relief. We have identified that access to water is an ongoing problem in many parts of the country especially during the dry season. Sources of water may be available, but adequate storage facilitates, or the means to tap groundwater reservoirs, can be too expensive or difficult to build without expertise. Therefore MPT is keen to assist in this area for the coming dry and hot seasons especially, but also for building lasting and viable water supplies for the foreseeable future in these communities.

Do you have any future plan for other states & Regions?

For the time being, we have budgeted for 210 million kyats and we will make our best effort to ensure the locations with the most urgent needs are prioritized in consultation with our partners. These also include the recommended locations proposed by the Department of Rural Development.


How much is MPT investing in this program?

The Clean and Sustainable Water Program and initiative is funded by MPT to the amount of 210 million Myanmar Kyats, it will go towards alleviating issues in water stressed regions.

What are the locations?

To begin with we are focusing on locations in Mandalay region, Sagaing & Magway – discussions with local people, the Department of Rural Development and the partner NGOs about the best places to site the tube wells have already begun.  Over the lifetime of the program we will be looking at other sites around the country, including in Ayeyarwaddy, Mon & Kayin states.

Which projects will be delivered by NAG and which by BAJ?

We are working with both organizations in multiple locations where possible, depending on their local knowledge and the value for money that they provide. Now we have located 3 locations first to start with and those are Mandalay, Sagaing and Magway Regions.

Where is the BAJ Project located?

BAJ’s Project location in Ywar Haung Kan Village, Magway Township, Magway Region.

Who is accountable?

We are working with the relevant authorities, as well as the NGO partners to make sure that the money is being spent in the best way possible. MPT wants to make a big difference to the communities where these projects will take place, and MPT is committed to long term and sustainable solutions.

Why do you choose only those States & Regions and why not the others?

We are closely working with NGOs and have based our selection according to the respective areas’ urgent needs together with the Department of Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation in line with the budget available.