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MPT Club Welcome points 10 times (500 Points!)

MPT Club is giving 10 times of normal welcome points (500 Points) to Diamond users of MPT Club. If you register MPT Club now.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Applicable for MPT Club Diamond Members only
  2. Must register into MPT Club
  3. Need to meet with both of the following condition by 31st
  4. Customers will get 50 points as soon as they registered and 450 points will be granted in the next day.
  5. Final decision can be applied by MPT

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are eligible customers for this promotion?

MPT Club Diamond members are eligible for this promotion.

2. What is the promotional benefit that a customer would receive?

As a promotional benefit, a customer will get 500 points in total. (they will get 50 points as soon as they registered, and 450 points will be given in the next day.)

3.How can customer do to get cash back?

Customer needs to satisfy the following two conditions within 31st March 2020

  1. They need to be MPT Club diamond member level users by the end of 31st Mar 2020

4. When will I receive this additional 450 points?

You registered MPT Club today and as soon as you registered you will get 50 points then additional 450 points will be granted in the next day.

5. When is the promotion period?

MPT will do this promotion till 31st March 2020.

6. What I can do with 500 points?

You can redeem all the MPT mobile service packages, Voice, Data, SMS packages and also you can redeem with MPT’s partners Items.

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