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MPT Club

1. What is MPT Club and Why should I join MPT Club?

It’s reward program for all MPT user. It makes your MPT experience better than ever. If you are MPT user, you can join MPT Club and get discount or special gift from MPT and MPT Club partners. You don’t need to pay for MPT Club. Just get it!

2. How can I collect MPT Points from MPT?

There are 2 ways to collect MPT Points.

  1. MPT points will be added to customers’ wallet daily with the relevant points calculation based on the usage of MPT mobile services. Subscribers will get points based on their member levels and the previous day usage. Usage means that the amount of money which customer spend for making all transactions from main phone bill wallet. It includes Pay as you go, Packages, Service subscription fees (SDP, IDD, roaming service and VAS service).
  2. MPT partner shops will provide the points upon the usage at their shops.

3. Being a MPT Club member, which kind of benefit can get from Hti Pauk Game?

MPT Club member can play freely MPT Club Hti Pauk game base on member level.

Diamond – 3 times

Platinum – 2 times

Member – 1 time

4. How can I collect MPT Points from Partner?

MPT partner shop will provide the points upon the usage at their shop. Customer can get MPT Points as per below step.

  • After payment system is done customer will get automatically with system process and customer can check the point balance via send SMS “BAL” to 345.

5. What is my redemption journey for MPT services? What do I need to do to redeem MPT services?

(A) You can dial *345*3*1# and choose to redeem.

But please note that you must have enough to points to redeem.

6. What is my redemption journey with MPT partners? Do I need to show my account to redeem or something else?

(A) You can dial *345*3*2# and choose to redeem MPT partners’ coupons. But please note that you must have enough to points to redeem.

If you choose (decide to redeem) relevant products, you will receive Voucher or order Code via SMS. You can check redemption product from MPT4U app.

You only need to show your voucher or order code at the MPT Partners’ shops to redeem.

Please note that after your redeem you can’t cancel back.

7. What is the validity of MPT point I have?

(A) 365 Days from your received date. You need to use your MPT Point within 365 days before expiry. There is no accumulation, first received point will expire first.

8. What are the MPT Point redemption Packages?

199 Points – 20mins (or) 50 On-net SMS (or) 50MB (or) 160Kyats Balance.

299 Points – 30mins (or) 80 On-net SMS (or) 100MB (or) 240Kyats Balance.

399 Points – 45mins (or) 150 On-net SMS (or)150MB (or) 320Kyats Balance.

499 Points – 60mins (or) (or)200 On-net SMS ( or ) 200MB (or)500Kyats Balance.

699Points – 90mins (or) 350MB .

999Points – 180mins (or) 600MB .

The service package validity is 30Days form the redemption date.

All package prices are inclusive of commercial Tax.

IDD package – customer can redeem with 499 points for subscription fee to all membership level.

Roaming – customer can redeem with 900 points for subscription fee to all membership level. (only 900 subscription fee pack)

9. How it will be charged when I make off-net (MPT to other operator) call while I activating MPT point redemption Package (Voice or Balance)?

  1. For off net calls, it will be charged as per original price plan.
  2. All MPT service redemption package can be used for below services.
Typetype On-net (including MPT mobiles, MPT fixed lines)Off-net (including Ooredoo/Telenor/MEC)
Paid call center lines (e.g. 1876)XX
Purchase and use of VAS including CRBT, Call Forwarding, etc.XX
International SMSXX
Packages (Data)XX