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1. How can I register to the MPT Club program?

You can register via one of the below ways. Only one-time registration is needed.

1 . USSD > Dial *345#

  1. SMS > Send REG M/F to 345 (eg: REG F)

2. Who are the eligible customers to the MPT Club program?

MPT Club is for all MPT users who are active; prepaid customers, postpaid customers, GSM, WCDMA and CDMA.

3. Do I need to pay any additional cost to subscribe MPT Club?

No, it is free subscription.

4. Are there any changes will happen in traff and packages, if I subscribe to MPT Club?

No, other than getting additional rewards, there is no change if you subscribed to MPT Club.

5. Who are MPT Club Partners?

6. Can I use my MPT Points which I received from MPT partners-to redeem MPT service? Reversely, can I use my MPT Points which I received from MPT- to redeem MPT partner’s services? Is there any restriction?

No restriction at all. You can use every MPT Points to redeem not only MPT services but also any MPT partner’s service.

7. Why I didn’t receive notification SMS?

Point is accumulated base on every usage from main phone bill wallet and customer will start getting notification SMS from 1 point collecting.

8. Can I redeem more than one package in one calendar day?

Yes. You redeem buy multiple times in a day.

9. I dial valid USSD Code. But I can’t purchase MPT point redemption package. Why?

  1. If you have not enough points, you cannot purchase MPT point redemption Packages.
  2. If your account is inactive (one-way blocked or two-way blocked), you cannot purchase MPT point redemption Packages.
  3. Please recharge to reactivate your number and try again.

10. What is MPT Club Member Program?

MPT Club member program is a new promoted program of MPT Club which will give more benefits to MPT Club member.

11. How long do I get the benefits upon my current member level?

You can get the benefit upon your member level till 3 months.

12. How long do I need to wait to reach next member level?

If you have reach to next member level average usage amount customer can jump in next month immediately. Member level can be change monthly base on your usage criteria.

13. How about I can’t maintain current member level usage, will it be change immediately?

Although you can’t maintain current member level usage you can still have a chance to enjoy the current member level benefit till next 3 months.

14. What is the Diamond, Platinum and Member?

Diamond, Platinum and Member is the member level of MPT Club member Program. Customer will get the benefits upon current member level respectively.

15. What is the validity of each member level?

The validity of each membership is 3 months. And, you will receive member level notification SMS if you have any changes in your progress of member status in every 1days of the month.

16. What is the meaning of each membership level?

The meaning of each membership level is as per following;

Every calculating member level will be based on 3 months average usage.

Member – <=9,999MMK

Platinum – 10,000 MMK to 29,999 MMK

Diamond – >=30,000 MMK

17. How can I know the points received?

MPT provide points based on the daily usage and gives points in next day between 9 am to 3 PM. You will receive SMS about how many points you have received.

18. How do point calculate?

Points are calculated based on daily usage within 1 day (24 hours).

19. What is the benefit of changing top-up to usage? (or) What is the reason of changing top-up to usage?

MPT Club would like to provide more and more benefits to MPT Club member on every usage of customer transaction.

20. When will I receive a Welcome Point?

You will receive welcome point 50 points after register to MPT Club without any top up. But the customer who register the MPT Club very first time only can get welcome point 50 points without any top up.

21. For postpaid users, how do I receive points?

You will receive points after bill payment.

22. If I unregister from MPT Club, the Point will be lost?

If you unregister from MPT Club, the point will be lost.

23. After playing the MPT Club Hti Pauk game, when can get these points?

Immediately point will be add to your account.

24. Which kind of item can win from MPT Club Hti Pauk game?

No looser.

1 point

2 points

5 points

10 points

50 points

100 points