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What is this Xiaomi Redmi Note4,Redmi 4a and Redmi4a promotion about?

When you buy an Xiaomi Redmi Note4 or Redmi4 or Redmi4a during the promotion period, you will be given a free MPT sim card
> This MPT sim card will be given free
777 MB for Redmi Note 4 and 400MB,60 min(on-net) & 100 SMS(on-net) for Redmi4 & Redmi4a, if you top up at least 1,000 Ks per month (including first month)

> Free Bonus can only be given once per month, up to 6 months from activation.

How long will the bonus data be given?

> Up to 6 months, from the month of sim activation
> E.g. if sub activate the sim card in April 2016, free data can be given only up to September, even if sub did not top up in May till July

What will happen if I switch to base plan?

> Free bonus data can only be used if sub is on Swe Thahar plan
> If sub switches to base and then switches back to Swe Thahar plan, sub will get remaining bonus data back

What is the expiry date of free data?

Free 777 MB and 400MB,60 min(on-net) & 100 SMS(on-net) would last for 30 days from the day it is given

Which type of data will be used first, free or paid data?

Free data will always be used first

What is the price of Xiaomi Redmi Note4,Redmi4 and Redmi4a?

> Xiaomi Redmi Note4 price is 215,000 MMKs.
> Xiaomi Redmi4 price is 149,000 MMKs.
> Xiaomi Redmi 4A price is 129,000 MMKs.

Where can I get the handset

Xiaomi Redmi Note4,Redmi4 and Redmi4a are widely available in MI shops. The easiest way to find Xiaomi Redmi Note4,Redmi4 and Redmi4a is to look for “MI” logo on store front. Or you can also visit MI Myanmar official Facebook Page to inquire about the nearest mobile store of MI around your area.

When will Xiaomi Redmi Note4,Redmi4 and Redmi4a be available?

Xiaomi Redmi Note4 and Redmi4 with MPT SIM will be available in the market by 14th January 2017 and Redmi4a will be 16th.