MPT Customers Can Enjoy Music, Videos, Celebrity Updates & Games With New Affordable 4-In-One COMBOX Entertainment Portal Service

30 Nov 2018

(Yangon, 29th November 2018) MPT today announced the launch of its new 4-in-one COMBOX entertainment portal service. COMBOX provides its customers with a variety of online entertainment content including Music and Videos, Celebrity hot news plus updates and fun casual Games, all in one place for just Ks.99/day. The service aims to offer all these fun and engaging content affordably accessible on a single service for MPT customers nationwide.

As part of the COMBOX entertainment portal service, offered in collaboration with content provider partner company TIMWE, Myanmar hit songs will be available for download, covering different genres for users’ listening pleasure. Furthermore, short films on cooking from local and international food programs, comedy and cartoon miniseries, are featured. For fans of local celebrities, the service also gives access to the latest updates and news heating up Myanmar’s entertainment scene. A library of exciting Android mobile games are available for download as well, such as gaming favorites Jewel Bubble™ and Zombie™.

This convenient browser-based service incurs no extra charges, with all content featured ad-free. With just the affordable daily subscription rate, customers can download as much of the content, updated regularly daily and monthly, as they want (data charges apply). All they need is a 3G-enabled mobile device connected to MPT’s high-speed 3G/LTE+ mobile network, and an internet browser app on their device. 

“With COMBOX, we have an exciting Entertainment Portal service which consolidates even more online entertainment, from Myanmar Music, Videos, Celebrity updates and pictures as well as fun mobile Games, on a single 4-in-one offering at very affordable rate of Ks.99 a day. We hope our customers take the opportunity to experience the convenience of accessing such engaging content on MPT’s first and leading nationwide telecommunications network,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

“We are pleased to be partnering with MPT as content providers for the service which aims to make different types of entertainment widely available and accessible at affordable rates, from reputable sources. This is why with MPT’s high-speed 3G/LTE+ mobile network and the largest user-base, even more people in Myanmar can enjoy the COMBOX browser-based offering now available for subscription across the country,” said Mr.Ajeet Chauhan, VP Asia Pacific of TIMWE Group.