MPT Customers Can get extra allowance on New happy Friday for Htaw B+ and Data Carry Packs

18 Feb 2019

(Yangon, 15th February 2019)  MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, has introduced the New Happy Friday with extra balance for Htaw B+ and extra data for Data Carry packs. Starting from 15th February and on every Friday, customers who get any Htaw B+  balance will receive extra balance, from 500 Ks to 2,500 Ks while the customer who purchase the New Data Carry Packs will receive extra MBs from 15 MBs up to 1,200 MBs based on the packages they purchased.

To enjoy this extra allowance, you just simple have to buy any Htaw B+ balance or any Data Carry Pack on Friday and you automatically will receive more balance and/or more data out of the respective products.

To buy Htaw B+ balance, customer has to simply dial *500# and choose the product he likes the most, and automatically will get extra balance with same long validity.

To Buy Data carry, customer has to dial *777# and choose the pack and enjoy the extra allowance with same 30 days validity & carry over benefit.

As an alternative, customer can get same extra allowances by buying the same products from MPT 4U app.

 Data Carry Packs (dial *777# or MPT 4U app):

Htaw B+ (Dial *500# or via MPT4U app)

“We always aim to provide the best value for our customers and their mobile usage needs. With this extra allowances, customers can enjoy even more data, voice and SMS from their Htaw B+ balance and New Data Carry Packs they purchased. We hope that all MPT users take the opportunity to enjoy these amazing allowances by buying their preferred MPT products on Friday as they reach out to their family and friends, or go online for social media, entertainment, work or their favourite content or service, anytime anywhere as they like in the widest network of Myanmar,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Offer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.


For more information on this extra allowance and other amazing promotions, call 106, or visit www.mpt.com.mm and MPT Official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage