MPT Customers Can Now Access ‘Go|Games’ With New Gaming Service App

04 Oct 2018

(Yangon, 4th October 2018) – MPT today announced that mobile users can now subscribe to ‘Go|Games’, bringing them access to more than 400 fantastic titles at the palm of their hands for just 200 Ks/ day. The service for Android mobile users, which features top premium action, puzzle, racing, strategy, casual, arcade and sports games, can be accessed at any time by subscribers, ensuring that fun is only a press away on Myanmar’s leading and largest mobile network.

Titles on the service include favorites such as the Colin McRae Rally, Ice Rage, Cut The Rope, Stupid Zombies 3, Talking Tom Gold Run and many more.

To subscribe, customers can download the ‘Go|Games’ app on the MPT LoTaYa http://gg.lotayamm.com/ or Go|Games portal http://mm.gogamesapp.com using their MPT SIM with any of their Android devices. Once the app is downloaded and accessed, click on “Join Club” from the menu or install a game and follow the on-screen instructions.

After successfully subscribing to the service, users will also enjoy the first week of use for free, allowing them to try out the library of exciting games up to seven days at no cost. Upon completion of the free trial period, customers’ credit balance will be charged 200 Ks/day.

“Everywhere we look today, we see more and more people taking to mobile games passionately. With an attractive catalogue of more than 400 games available at just 200 Ks a day, ‘Go|Games’ provides affordable and convenient access to countless hours of gaming fun. With MPT’s high-speed 3G and LTE+ connectivity, the gaming experience will be even smoother and more fast-paced online on the country’s leading mobile network,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

‘Go|Games’ (Goama) enjoys a large gamer base in Asia, already present in seven countries including users from Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Cambodia and the service is expected to go live in the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand by next year.

“Go|Games is proud to be working with MPT to expand our service offering in Myanmar. We know MPT customers will love playing the world’s best mobile games without interruptions, no ads, at market leading prices” said Mr. Taro Araya, CEO from Go|Games.

For further information about MPT’s Go | Games service, please visit www.mpt.com.mm or access the MPT LoTaYa portal at http://gg.lotayamm.com/.