MPT Everyday Facebook Bonus Gives Customers a New Way to Connect with Friends and Family

10 Jan 2018

(Yangon, 10 January 2018) MPT is giving customers even more online value with their new bonus social data tariff, called Everyday Facebook Bonus starting from 11th January. When recharging using E Top-up or Bank Top-up, customers will receive a bonus data allowance for use on Facebook, Messenger, Viber, LINE and Instagram, great for connecting with friends and family on MPT’s first and leading mobile network.

“MPT knows how much our customers love using our high-quality network to get access to their favourite news, photos and videos on Facebook and other social networks. Data usage on our award-winning LTE+ network has significantly grown over the past 6 months, and social media is a big part of that. Recognising this, we have launched this new tariff plan to give our customers bonus data for every day usage with their favourite apps. Please be aware that this bonus is not available for Physical Top-up cards. But our E Top-up system is super convenient and a great way to save time when using your phone. We hope you enjoy our new tariff plan,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

The bonus amount depends on the size of the top-up. The more you spend, the more bonus Facebook data you will receive! As an added benefit, if a customer recharges on Friday, they will get both Everyday Facebook Bonus and the Happy Friday Bonus. The Everyday Facebook Bonus is not available on Physical Top-up cards or top-ups under 1000 Ks, and is valid for 3 days.

Amount (Ks.) Bonus (MB) Validity Usage
E-Top up VC Card Mobile Bank
500 Social Applications (Facebook, Messenger, Viber, LINE, Instagram)
1,000 50 50 3 Days
3,000 150 150
5,000 250 250
10,000 500 500
20,000 1000 1000
30,000 1500 1500
40,000 2000 2000
50,000 2500 2500
60,000 3000 3000
70,000 3500 3500
80,000 4000 4000
90,000 4500 4500
100,000 5000 5000

This promotion is valid until 31 January 2018. For more information, please visit http://mpt.com.mm/mm/ or your local MPT-branded store for more information.