MPT Expands Technology Information Centers Operations Across the Country to Fill the Digital Skills Gap

24 Jul 2018

(Yangon, 24 July 2108) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading communications operator, plans to triple the number of its MPT telecenters to support the development of basic digital literacy skills. A wide range of beneficial information and communication services will be available free of charge for more MPT telecenters’ visitors this year.

This March MPT launched 40 MPT telecenters throughout the country. The number of MPT telecenters will be increased up to 150 by March 2019. In addition to unlimited free Wi-Fi for use with mobile devices, the operator is also providing laptops and tablets for free use at all MPT telecenters. Moreover, MPT trains the personnel to assist visitors and demonstrate safe internet browsing techniques.

“The digital age is expanding into all areas of our lives. The widespread acquisition of digital skills offers particular growth opportunities for Myanmar economy. Being a person with digital skills has never been more lucrative. Now, attaining these digital skills will be much easier for all visitors of our MPT telecenters. This year, we are planning to establish new telecenters in various locations to fullfill the digital skills gap between the urban and rural areas,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

All MPT telecenters are equipped with modern devices with a myriad of educational and entertainment content available. In addition, visitors can familiarize themselves with MS Office. A wide range of VAS services is also available for free, including entertainment movies, 800 games, more than 10,000 comics and novels or English lessons, as well as healthcare education service.

Telecenter Locations

No.State & RegionTownshipAddressPhone
1MandalayAung Myay Thar San(25) Street, Between (80 & 81), Aungmyaytharsan, Mandalay Township09-253122608
2MandalayNyaungooNo(4) quarter, Thiri pyitsayar quarter,beside of Anawyahta ,Nyung Oo Township09-253122630
3MandalayMeikhtilaMeikthila Post Office,beside of Yangon-Mandalay street, Myo Ma (4) quarter,Meikthla Township09-253122633
4MandalayMyingyanMyingyan Exchange compound, (3) Street,No (2) quarter,Myinchan Township09-253122636
5RakhineSittweRUPA Post office, RUPA North Quarter, Sittwe Township .09-253122642
6RakhineThandweThandwe Exchange ,Bogyoke Street , No(2) quarter , Thandwe Township .09-253122648
7Shan (East)Kyeng TongCorner of Airport street and Zay Su street, Post Office Compound, No(3) quarter, Kyeng Tong Township .09-255000167
8Shan (South)TaunggyiState manager office, Bogyoke street, Thittaw quarter,Taunggyi Township .09-253122660
9Shan (South)Nyaung ShweNyaung Shwe Auto Exchange, Pyateik Street, Nanda Won Quarter, Nyaung Shwe Township .09-253122663 /


10Shan (South)Aye Thar YarAyetharyar Auto Exchange, big quarter (48), No(5) quarter, Ayetharyar Township .09-253122667 /


11Shan (South)Nam SanBeside of Nant San , Moenae Street, No(5) Quarter, Nant San Township .09-253122670
12Shan (North)LashioState Manager Office, TharThaNar 2500 Pagoda Street, No(1) Quarter, Lashio Township .09-253122673
13MonMawlamyaingState Manager Office, MPT, Thitkalkone quarter, Mawlamyaing Township .09-253122688
14BagoBagoYangon-Mandalay Street, near NaryiSin , Division Manager Office , Bago Township .09-253122700
15BagoPyayYangon-Pyay street, Sin Su Carrier office compound , Pyay Township .09-253122703
16BagoMin HlaNo(7) Quarter, Boyontan Street, Minhla auto exchange , Minhla Township .09-253122706,


17BagoLatpandanNo(2) Street, Min Quarter, Latpandan Auto Exchange , Latpandan Township .09-253122709
18BagoPaukhongPyay-Taungoo Street, number (5) quarter, Paukhoung Township .09-253122712
19BagoTaungooMain road,Taungoo Township .09-424000875
20MagwayMagwayCorner of BEHS(1) Street & Hospital Street,near (5) junction, Soe Kaw Min Quarter, Magway State Manager Office , Magway Township .09-253122715/


21MagweTaungtwingyiYone Gyi Street, Taung Pyin (2) Quarter, Taungdwingyi Exchange ,Taungdwingyi Township09-253122718
22MagweMinbuBogyoke road,No(1) Quarter ,Minbu Township09-424000890
23MagweGangawMyitShaung Street,No(2) Quarter,Gangaw Township09-424000891
24MagweAunglan(11)street,Tayawgone Quarter,Aunglan Township09-424000892
25AyarwaddyPatheinDivision Manager office,MPT, Maharbandula street, Ayarwaddy Division, Pathein Township .09-253122727,


26AyarwaddyHinthadaHinthada Auto Exchange, Bogyoke Street , Hinthada Township .09-253122730
27AyarwaddyBokalayBokalay Auto exchange, Bokalay Street, No(4) quarter, Bokalay Township .09-253122736
28AyarwaddyMyaungmyaAuto Exchange ,Tout Yaung Nay Street ,Myaungmya Township .09-424000877
29AyarwaddyMyanAungAuto Exchange ,Sartitetaegone Street ,Myan Aung Township .09-424000879
30AyarwaddyMaubinMobile + Micro Building ,No.1 Quarter ,Maubin Township .09-424000880
31ThanintaryiDaweiDivision Manager Office, Myanma Post and Telecommunication, Dawei Township .09-253122742
32ThanintaryiMyeikPearl Street, Beside of No(3)B.E.H.S,Zaytan Quarter,Myeik Township .09-253122745
33ThanintaryiPalawPalaw Highway Road, Palaw Post Office Compound , Palaw Township .09-253122751
34SagaingMonywaMonywa Post Office compound,(Monywa MPT Division manager office),Yone Gyi Street, Yone Gyi quarter, Monywa Township .09-253122691
35SagaingKalayBogoke street ,Pinlon Quarter,Kalay Township .09-424000887
36KachinMyitkyinaMyitkyina MPT mobile,In front of Thit Taw Office, Corner of Sama street and Zaw Gyone Street, Ayar Quarter,Myitkyina Township .09-253122772
37KayarLoikawCorner of U Thiri Street & (5) Street, DawHuKhu Quarter, Loikaw Exchange, Loikaw Township .09-253122766
38ChinHakhaMPT State Manager Office, Zay(1) Quarter, Matupi Street,Hakha Township .09-253122769
39YGN40th streetNo(103), 40th Street, Kyauktada Township .09-253122782
40YGNSuleCorner of Bosyunpat Street and Maharbandula street, Near Sule Pagoda , Pabedan Township .01-370706,