MPT forms global partnership with KDDI and Sumitomo

03 Sep 2014

MPT has successfully concluded a global partnership with two leading Japanese companies, KDDI and Sumitomo, to bring better communications and more advanced technologies to the people of Myanmar.

KDDI is the second largest mobile operator in Japan with more than 50 millions clients generating about 42 bn USD revenues. It has built it’s reputation in its home market by systematically providing the best customer experience and the state of the art customer care, while always providing the latest technology innovation.

Sumitomo is a global corporation involved in a wide range of business development activities. It has been present in Myanmar for more than 50 years. Together with KDDI, it is now committed to financially support all the necessary investments needed to improve and boost the telecom infrastructure development in our country.

With the help of its strong partners, MPT is now working hard to improve its network, further expand its coverage and strengthen its operations in order to beat its newly established competitors and provide the best telecommunication services to the Myanmar citizens.

The partnership that has been officially signed in Nay Pyi Taw on July 16 last month is already starting to bare tangible results, especially in areas that are important to MPT’s million customers, such as the quality and reliability of its communications.

With the aid and technical expertise of KDDI and Sumitomo, MPT has already been able to quickly raise the performance of the existing network to a level of service comparable to other ASEAN neighboring countries. The congestion of the 3G data network has been reduced (-20%), the capacity to make a successful call greatly improved (+20%) especially during peak hours and the call drop rate is stabilized to less than 1%.

“MPT is now improving its COMMUNICATION QUALITY and is able to bring more ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES to Myanmar thanks to its partnership with KDDI and Sumitomo” With its new partners, MPT is committed to go even further and will continue to improve the capacity of its network and the quality of its communication services. KDDI and Sumitomo have committed over USD 2 billion in investments to help upgrade and expand MPT’s network coverage nationwide.

Plans are currently in place to enhance the accessibility of MPT’s services for the people of Myanmar. Over the coming months, MPT plans to push millions of SIM cards into the market, making affordable SIM cards available at thousands of retail points nationwide. In addition, MPT plans to introduce new customer-centric services such as new dedicated hotlines and new attractive packages/plans in a very near future.

Without doubt, this new partnership will help to bring Myanmar forward.