MPT Includes Viber in “Sone Sone Lin Lin” Package to Offer Enhanced All-In-One Bundle Benefits

08 Oct 2020

We would like to announce that sales of SSLL series is stopped on May 15, 2021.

(Data pack with an amazing value of 167 Ks per day for 30 days brings great benefits and allow valuable customers to be fulfill all requirements in one pack)

(Yangon, 8th October 2020) – MPT, as Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, continues to offer special data packages with the introduction of Viber with already popular Sone Sone Lin Lin Package, which allows Unlimited data for Facebook, Mobile Legends & JOOX, 2GB for All Data usage, MPT-MPT calls with affordable price 5 Ks per min only and Main Balance 1,000 Ks with 30 days validity without time limitation.

While more people choose to stay home due to the current COVID-19 situation, the “Sone Sone Lin Lin” Pack will allow MPT customers to stay connected with their loved ones, have access to valuable news and information online as well as enjoy entertainment, adding Viber brings an additional value, as it is already a very popular Social Communication service in Myanmar. The benefits of subscribing to this amazing all-in-one package are –

Price (Ks) [Tax Inct:]All in One BenefitValidityChannel
4998 Ks• Unlimited Data (Facebook, Mobile Legends, Viber, Instagram, JOOX)
• 2GB (All Data)
• MPT-MPT calls with 10Ks/min (excl; tax)
• Main Balance 1000 Ks
30 DaysMPT4U app

The Viber bundle offering would be available for all the customers who subscribe to “Sone Sone Lin Lin” pack, irrespective of the fact whether they buy this package from 8th Oct 2020 onwards. Moreover, customers will benefit from taking advantage of this promotion by receiving 50% discount to 9,996 Ks (original amount) and pay only 4,998 Ks with a validity of 30 days. The “Sone Sone Lin Lin” Pack is a great option for customers allowing great savings with more benefits.

Mr. Tetsunori Nagashima, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO, said: “Addition of Viber was important for us, as we always take the feedback and customer demands very seriously. We would continue to offer more value to MPT customers in coming days with various initiatives. During this difficult time of COVID–19, we are with our customers in all the possible ways and would stand by our commitment of keeping Myanmar connected. I wish everyone to keep safe and follow the necessary safety norms set by authorities and government.”

Subscribers will have unlimited access to Viber messaging features along with Facebook (excluding external links), Facebook Messenger (excluding voice and video calls), enjoy playing Mobile Legends (excluding streaming, watching streaming videos, and voice communication), or listen to the latest hits on JOOX music. Any other usage of data can be used in 2GB data allowance. On top of that, users can enjoy 1000 Ks Main Balance and make MPT-MPT calls freely to the love ones. Non-inclusive usage will be charged from respective data packs if available or standard pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rates.

MPT GSM/WCDMA Prepaid customers (Swe Thahar/Shal Pyaw/Shwe Zagar) can subscribe to the “Sone Sone Lin Lin” Pack. Customers can take advantage of this promotion via MPT4U App or by dialing *4998#.

All MPT customers can also seamlessly use MPT4U application to manage their accounts on mobile devices from the convenience of their own homes. For more information, please call 106 or visit the official MPT Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage/ or MPT official website www.mpt.com.mm for further details on MPT’s products and services.