MPT Increases Both SIM & Balance Validity to 1 year

10 Jun 2016

[:en]MPT Customers Now Will Be Enjoying 1 Year SIM & Balance Validity with Minimum Top Up Amount

(Yangon, 10 June 2016) Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, now with over 20 million users announced today that they will be revising their balance validity scheme.


From 10 June 2016 onwards, when MPT customers make any top-up, their balance validity will automatically be increased to 1 year.

The new scheme will work as per indicated below –

Customers Scenario  BEFORE 10 JUNE 2016 FROM 10 JUNE 2016
Customers top-up 500 Kyats Increase of the SIM & Balance validity by 30 days Increased to 1 year
1,000 Kyats +30 Days Increased to 1 year
3,000 Kyats +60 Days Increased to 1 year
5,000 Kyats +90 Days Increased to 1 year
10,000 Kyats +120 Days Increased to 1 year
20,000 Kyats +240 Days Increased to 1 year
30,000 Kyats +360 Days Increased to 1 year


As an example, if a user is topping-up 1,000 Ks with a balance validity of 3 months, his balance validity will increase to 1 year

The new scheme will help MPT customers who make small top-ups to keep their SIM card active for a longer period of time compared to the previous scheme. MPT customers who already have Balance Validity of more than 1 year will not see this validity affected by the new scheme until it reaches below 1 year. Beyond this point, they will be enjoying an increase to 1-year of their balance validity with every top-up.

Moreover, customers relying on Balance Transfer from their Friends and Family to recharge their account will also see their Balance Validity increased to 90 days every time they receive a transfer.

MPT customers who have seen their SIM blocked because they had not topped-up for a long period, will be able to benefit from the new scheme if they top-up or if they receive balance transfer

These improvements are made after MPT’s consistent and continuous attention to the feedbacks of its customers through different channels. MPT customers will be able to keep their SIMs and balance alive without worrying about low usage. The balance transfer service would also help MPT customers to stay connect in the community and to keep their SIMs back to life with 90 days SIM and balance validity.[:]