MPT Introduces “Khint Kabar” Portal Service that Empowers Myanmar Women Through Best Contents Specifically Tailored for Their Needs

11 Jul 2019

(Yangon – 2nd July, 2019)–   MPT celebrates woman-power as it launches a new service totally designed for the needs of young Myanmar women in today’s digital evolution, called “Khint Kabar” portal service, it is an all-female-oriented website in Myanmar language that aims to provide women of various ages with a range of helpful knowledge and fun activities at one place through  http://khintkabar.com

“Khint Kabar” portal service is a product of the collaboration between MPT, the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, and CSS Technology, telecoms service provider with extensive experience in offering value-added-services (VAS) for mobile and web environment.

“Khint Kabar” is a web portal that provides various knowledge and funs, and it is available on a daily subscription service exclusive to MPT users. This service can assist the women’s personality traits, knowledge, fun and their thoughts are described in our portal through MPT’s fastest and widest network. MPT customers can access 8 different categories which are Articles, Fun, Promotion. Cooking, DIY, Fashion, Knowledge and Music with affordable rate at only 99 Kyats per day.

The Articles Section contains helpful and informative write-ups and tips about health, beauty, relationships and other general topics with special focus on women’s concerns;

The Fun Section houses memes, horoscopes and Tarot readings to help guide any girls through her day giving helpful tips on her lucky color, lucky number, lucky day and lucky hours within the day as well as prospects of her love life and relationships;

The Promotion Section gives one leads and tips to interesting shops and brands on sale around Yangon to get the best value for her money;

The Cooking Section features easy-to-prepare, delicious Western, Asian and traditional Myanmar recipes to help home-cooks and housewives to shine in every family meal;

DIY Section showcases a collection of easy-to-do home-made crafts and arts as well as life-hacks to make life easier each day;

Fashion Section features the latest styles and trends in clothes, fabrics, cuts, hairstyles, make-up and accessories and all fashion-related products and tips for that Instagram-worthy OOTD and OOTN (outfit-of-the-day & outfit-of-the-night);

Knowledge Section gives insightful and in-depth reviews on books on subjects relevant to one’s career and life as well review of upcoming and currently showing movies in cinemas;

Music Section contains a catalogue spanning a wide range of genre and international artists for pure listening pleasure.

*Khint Ka Bar Web Portal’s Homepage & Service Categories

MPT customers who want to subscribe “Khint Kabar” portal service can send ON to 8440, or access through http://khintkabar.com (or) https://lotaya.mpt.com.mm/event/232 via mobile devices using MPT data network or Wifi.  Simply follow the prompt on the screen to complete the registration process.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT- KSGM Joint Operations happily shares his thoughts on this new portal service: “To mark women’s valued contribution throughout over 23 million and within our organization. With more young women getting college education, international trainings, and entering the workforce, we feel that there is a need to give them a service that is specifically focused on their needs, as they try balance their multiple roles at home and society.  Myanmar women today are no longer leading a simple life of a mother or daughter or wife.  Many are now business-owners, career employees, educators, legislators and leaders in their community.  ‘’Khint Kabar” portal service is exactly what they need to help them stay informed about the world, motivated and focused on their multi-faceted roles, as well as entertained and be successful in their chosen endeavors.”

For more information about “Khint Kabar” service please call 106 or  Hotline Number 09 898 22 55 44 or visit the MPT official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage/ or MPT official website www.mpt.com.mm for further details on MPT’s products and services.