MPT launches “5 minutes in 1 hour” voice package for customers to make continuous calling for long time at affordable price

09 May 2016

[:en](Yangon, Myanmar, 09 May 2016) – Following the success of its “5 minutes in 1 hour” promotion in March and April, MPT is launching a “5 minutes in 1 hour” voice package. This voice package is responding to the demand of MPT customers who love the “5 minutes in 1 hour” concept and want to continue making many long calls at very affordable prices.

By subscribing to the “5 minutes in 1 hour” voice package, MPT customers will be able to enjoy for 30 days the “5 minutes in 1 hour” benefits: pay the first 5 minutes of your MPT to MPT calls at normal rate (Fixed or Mobile destinations) and get up to the next 55 minutes for Free. As an example, a MPT customer who calls a Friend on his MPT line (Mobile or Fixed) for 45 min would pay the first 5 min of the call (cost of 115 Ks, commercial tax excluded) and will get the next 40 min for free (920 Ks of bonus value, commercial tax excluded).

This time, the “5 minutes in 1 hour” concept will apply to all MPT to MPT calls, including those made during the peak hours (in previous “5 minute in 1 hour” promotion, minutes during the 6 to 10 pm peak time were charged at the normal rates).

Mr. Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operation said: “The initial “5 minutes in 1 hour” promotion was a major success. In response to strong demand, we want to give our customers making long calls the opportunity to continue calling their loved ones for hours at very affordable prices and this time whenever they want in the day. Our customers will need to subscribe to continue enjoying this promotion at a cost.”

The package will be available for subscription from May 9th to July 7th 2016. All MPT Swe Thahar GSM/WCDMA customers will be able to opt-in by dialing *555#. When subscribing to the package, customers will be charged a fee of 1,500 Ks.

The package expires 30 days after subscription and customers will then be able to renew it by re-paying the package fee. Base Tariff customers who are interested in the package need to first migrate to Swe Thahar by sending SMS “SWE” to 1332 (free of charge) and then to opt-in.