MPT Launches Free ‘Buddha Tayadaw Myar’ Page on LoTaYa Web Portal

07 Apr 2017

(Yangon, 7 April 2017) – MPT has launched a new page on its popular LoTaYa web portal, full of religious content for Dhamma lovers. Through LoTaYa Buddha Tayadaw Myar users can browse and listen to famous monks preaching for free at their own convenience – whether sitting on a long bus journey, taking a lunch break or just before bed.
The Buddha Tayadaw Myar page includes Dhamma sermons by 15 famous monks: Mogok Sayadaw U Wimala, MoneLei SayaDaw U ThanWaRa, Thee Inn Gu Sayadaw U Oak Ka Hta, Venerable Pa Auk SayaDaw, Kyar Ni Kan Sayadaw, Bamaw Sayadaw Dr. Kumarabhivamsa, Sitagu sayadaw, Dr Namdamala, Pilot Sayadaw JeYaPandita, Dr Ashinjayatissa, SayaDaw U Jotika, Dhammaduta Ashin Say Kane Da, Ashin Sandadika, Bhaddanta Thuseiltha Vivamsa, Venerable Dr. K.Dhammasami.
This type of so-called ‘online Dhamma’ is a first of its kind for the Myanmar telecoms industry. It offers a choice of format for hundreds of clips – MP3, MP4 and PDFs (e-book) – that can be downloaded for free to listen, watch and read at the swipe or tap of a finger.
Buddhists believe that the teachings can lead the escape to nirvana – an enlightened plane or state where all suffering is ended, where there is nothing but everlasting joy and peace.
The Buddhist Dhamma preaching content is provided by Dhamma Download and the Thitsarparami Society, with nearly 300 clips already curated and more constantly being added.

Speaking about the newly introduced page, U Thein Hoke Deputy Chief Commercial Officer from MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “Myanmar is principally a deeply Buddhist country, and we understand the importance of religious belief to many of our customers. We wish to make these sermons available free of charge so people can have easier access to them and be closer to the Buddha’s teachings wherever they are”.
Dhamma lovers can go to the Buddha Tayadaw Myar Page either through LoTaYa web portal or this direct link http://dhamma.foc.lotayamm.com/.