24 Nov 2015

(Yangon, November 24, 2015) – MPT, the first and leading telecom operator in Myanmar, is launching the MPT New Year Lucky Draw Campaign from November 26th 2015 until January 9th 2016, offering the Myanmar people the chance to win a total of 70,000 amazing prizes.

10,000 amazing prizes will be given every Saturday from December 5th until January 2nd. On January 9th for the Final Draw the number of prizes will be doubled to 20,000 prizes. Over the full campaign MPT will distribute 70,000 Prizes including 1 Toyota Land Cruiser, 5 Toyota Corolla (1 every week), 20 iPhone 6s, 20 iPad air2, 25 Sony 40”TVs, 20 gold necklaces (1 tickal), and 69,909 MPT top-up prizes (5,000 Ks).


All MPT mobile users with a valid GSM/WCDMA or CDMA SIM card can enjoy the MPT New Year Lucky Draw Campaign. Users will automatically enter the MPT New Year Lucky Draw when they get at least one Lucky Ticket and they can obtain Lucky Tickets by making one of the following actions:

  1. Simply by topping-up with a 3,000 Ks and above top-up cards or e-load! The higher the top-up value the more Lucky Tickets obtained.
     When a user tops-up with … … he obtains
     500 Ks 0 Lucky Ticket
     1,000 Ks 0 Lucky Ticket
     3,000 Ks 30 Lucky Tickets
     5,000 Ks 50 Lucky Tickets
     10,000 Ks 100 Lucky Tickets
     20,000 Ks 200 Lucky Tickets
     30,000 Ks 300 Lucky Tickets
  2. By making MPT to MPT calls on mobile numbers for more than one minute. +1 Lucky Ticket per minute of call: the longer an MPT user will call another MPT mobile user, the more Lucky tickets he will collect and the greater his chances of winning.
    When a MPT mobile user calls another MPT mobile user for…He obtains …
    Less than 1 min0 Lucky Ticket
    1min to 1min59sec1 Lucky Ticket
    From 2min to 2min59sec2 Lucky Tickets
    Every additional min+1 Lucky Ticket
  3. By buying and activating a new MPT SIM card! The new MPT user will obtain 30 Lucky Tickets as a welcome gift!

Every MPT users with at least 1 Lucky Ticket has a chance of winning, but the more Lucky Tickets MPT users collect and the greater their chances they have of winning.

If a user doesn’t win at one of the Weekly Draw, he still has chances to win at the Final Draw: all the Lucky Tickets collected during the promotion are indeed kept to select the winners of the Final Draw on January 9th, when 20,000 prizes will be distributed including the grand lucky draw prize: Toyota Land Cruiser along with 40 other main prizes.

Every week we will select the winners based on the Lucky Tickets they have accumulated from the Friday the week before until Thursday the week of the Draw [e.g. for the Weekly Draw taking place on Saturday Dec. 12th, we will select the 10,000 winners based on the Lucky Tickets accumulated between Friday 4th until Thursday 10th]. 1 winning number can only get one prize per week but can possibly win at different draws.


Every Saturday from 10 am winners of the Weekly Draw main prizes will be selected, their phone number will be posted on MPT Facebook Page and Line Official Account in real time (with last 3 digit hidden for security reason) and MPT will contact them by phone and SMS immediately. The name and township information of the winners we could contact will be communicated and we will continue to try to contact winners we could not reach for 3 days (until Tuesday 1 pm). Past this deadline their prize will be lost and re-integrated in the Final Draw.

A TV retransmission showing the selection and listen to the Voice of the Main Prizes Winners will be broadcasted on MRTV 4 “Let’s Talk Show” each Saturday from 7.15 pm to 7.20 pm. Winners of the top-up prizes will be informed by SMS starting Saturday.

The Final Draw on January 9th where there will be 20,000 prizes, will be done Live and all the Lucky Tickets acquired over the full campaign will count. MPT will release more details about the event and the specific draw rules for that event.

Mr.Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operation, said, “We like to reward our loyal customers for using our services, so we thought it would be a fun idea to run this Lucky Draw and give many prizes away. As well as providing a top quality service, the happiness of our customers is a top priority for us”

MPT GSM/WCDMA users can check the Lucky Tickets they have accumulated since the launch of the campaign by sending “lucky” by SMS to 3000. MPT CDMA users can check the Lucky Tickets they have accumulated by sending “lucky” to 3001.

MPT has mandated Win Thin & Associates, leading independent auditing firm in Myanmar, to audit and endorse the all selection process.

We wish you the best luck with MPT !

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