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MPT LoTaYa Helping Hands Launch FAQ

What is LoTaYa Helping Hands?

MPT’s LoTaYa Helping Hands is an innovative charitable donation platform which allows MPT customers to contribute funds to nominated organizations and causes. Through this unique platform, the first-of-its-kind in Myanmar, users are able to view information on the organizations and their charitable activities on the LoTaYa portal before donating to their program of choice.

Are only MPT customers allowed to donate through Helping Hands?

Yes, only MPT customers are able to donate through the LoTaYa Helping Hands platform, which is available on the MPT’s LoTaYa portal.

How would customers find out more about the supported programs and donate?

For MPT customers who want to find out more about the programs and make their donations, they may do so through the following steps:

  • Go online and access the LoTaYa Helping Hands page at, where information on the various charitable programs are available, on their mobile web browser.
  • Select the program of their choice from the list on the page and amount they would like to contribute from their MPT credit balance.
  • Review the program selection code and contribution amount before proceeding with the donation.
  • A verification SMS will be sent to your MPT number, following which you just need to respond with the pre-composed message to confirm the donation. The amount will be deducted from your credit balance (if there is insufficient credit, you will receive a notification informing you that the process cannot be completed).

Are there any extra charges for donating via LoTaYa Helping Hands?

There are no extra charges for making the donations and all of the selected amounts will be completely directed to the selected programs.

What are the partner organizations customers can donate to?

At launch, ten organizations are initially participating in the LoTaYa Helping Hands platform. These include the Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education School, the Free Funeral Services Society, the Shwe Parami Health Care Foundation, the Se Sar Yeik Home For Aged, the Pyi Gyi Khin Women Association, the Shwe Minn Thar Foundation, the Lan Thit Foundation, the Thabawa Meditation Center (Thanlyin), the Community Development Association and Peace Winds Japan.

How would customers nominate programs to be added to the Helping Hands platform?

Those who are interested in nominating programs or finding out more about LoTaYa Helping Hands may visit or and contact MPT.

What is the maximum/minimum amount that can be contributed per donation?

From 100 Ks to 1000 Ks can be donated through this program and the donation amount will be 100Ks, 200Ks, 500Ks, and 1000 ks respectively for the program they chose.

Is the donation platform safe?

Yes, LoTaYa Helping Hands is a secure and convenient platform for donating to the charitable programs. Notifications regarding the donation process will be sent directly to your mobile device for confirmations.

What are the selection criteria for getting organizations/programs onto LoTaYa Helping Hands?

MPT’s Corporate Communications team will thoroughly vet the provided information and background of proposed programs before any approval is provided to be included on LoTaYa Helping Hands. Information to participate to this program includes organization registration, track records and program detail to make sure that the program and organization itself is suitable to participate in this website. The most beneficial to the concerned area or parties are selected to participate in this Lo Ta Ya Helping Hands.

Does MPT receive any portion of the donations?

No, all customer donations via the LoTaYa Helping Hands platform will be directed to the selected programs in full. MPT does not receive a single Kyat from the donations nor does it charge any fees for the process.

Will MPT donate any of its own funds towards programs that are signed up for LoTaYa Helping Hands?

MPT is providing the LoTaYa Helping Hands platform, an innovative way to channel help to charitable programs that need it the most, within its capacity as the country’s leading telecommunications operator. As a responsible organization, MPT will evaluate its CSR outreach initiatives and contributions and of course, may support in an appropriate manner when there is an opportunity.

How much in donations does MPT expect to raise for the respective programs on LoTaYa Helping Hands?

MPT’s customers have proven to be very generous in supporting through their contributions in the past, such as through our Vanity Numbers Auction and other initiatives. While we can’t say how much exactly will be raised, we are hopeful that each of the programs will be greatly aided via LoTaYa Helping Hands – which makes it easy for customers to lend their support.

What is the existing project timeline for the respective NGOs?

There are variations between the NGOs as the project timeline is different, some will be taking 3 months while others will be 6 months as per their project designs.

Is there any additional NGO to be selected in future?

Yes, the nature of this donation webpage is to introduce the new projects once existing projects from NGOs are finished.