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MPT Money

1. What is MPT Money?

MPT Money is the most comfortable way to transfer money anytime, anywhere in Myanmar.The service lets users store, send and receive money using their mobile phone via an MPT Money account.

2. Who can use MPT Money?

MPT sim users can use the MPT Money service for FREE with no registration fees.

3. What are the benefits of having MPT Money account?

With MPT Money Account, you can use the following services anytime anywhere. – Send Money (P2P) – Airtime Top Up for self and others – Merchant Payment – Bill Payment – ATM Withdrawal – Cash In / Out”

4။ How do I register for the MPT Money account?

From MPT Money App

Step 1 : Press Sign Up Now menu

Step 2 : Enter Mobile Number and Name

Step 3 : Activate account with Initial PIN from registration notification SMS.

Step 4 : Account activation SMS will be received and you can begin using MPT Money.

From USSD Menu

Step 1 : Dial *999#

Step 2 : Enter 1 for Myanmar or 2 for English from Language Menu

Step 3 : Enter 1 for registration confirmation

Step 4 : Enter Your Name in English

Step 5 : Enter 1 for name confirmation and you will receive a registration SMS notification

Step 6 : Dail *999# for account activation and follow the instructions

Step 7 : Account activation SMS will be received and you can begin using MPT Money.”

5 . What should I do if I forget my PIN?

Please call Customer Care 999 and Agent Care 990 for MPT users. 012323990 for other mobile operator users.

6 . Is it possible to change Mobile Number of MPT Money Account?

Yes, If customer wants to change mobile number of MPT Money account, please contact Customer Care 999 and follow the process. Once confirmed, funds will be transferred to new sim.

7. How secure is my MPT Money account?

Each MPT Money account has its own unique 4 digits PIN, which is known only by customer. For any transactions to be completed, this PIN is mandatory.

8. Whom do I need to contact for becoming MPT Money Agent/Merchant?

“Please call Customer Care 999 and provide your business details. OR Please send email to MPT Money Customer care team; [email protected] MPT Money Sales & Distribution department will contact back to you.”

9. Can I still use MPT Money if I do not have MPT Money account? And What do I need?

Yes, you can send/receive money with voucher at MPT Money Agent locations with your NRC or Passport.

10. What is the MPT Money Agent?

“MPT Money Agent is an authorized person who can educate about MPT Money service and provide following services. – Cash In/ Cash Out from your MPT Money Account – Voucher Cash Out – Send Money – Upgrade Customer Level”

11. What is the MPT Money Merchant?

MPT Money Merchant is an authorized person who can receive eMoney with MPT Money for buying goods/products.