MPT – Moving Myanmar Forward

12 Sep 2014

MPT and KDDI-Sumitomo Joint Operations

MPT is the first and leading telecommunication operator in Myanmar, providing both fixed and mobile telecommunication services to individuals and enterprises. In July 2014, MPT signed a joint operations agreement with KDDI & Sumitomo to join forces in order to make access to mobile telecommunication easier for everyone in the country, to extend network coverage and to provide more people with a quality network using advanced technologies.

Since 1st September, MPT and KDDI-Sumitomo have formally commenced the Joint Operations. An investment of USD 2 billion has been planned for the operations, covering the entire spectrum of MPT’s infrastructure and services. MPT and KDDI-Sumitomo have also set up a joint leadership team, staffed at each level with one executive from MPT, and one from KDDI-Sumitomo, and now we, together, have started functioning as one organization.

Moving MPT Forward

Significant actions have been initiated to improve and expand mobile and fixed networks, and upgrade back-end infrastructure and international connectivity. Together, these actions and investments have already started showing tangible results in terms of improvement in the network’s quality of service. We have also launched the open market distribution model for SIM cards, which are now available in thousands of shops around the country. We will be selling 5 million SIM cards by the end of this year. Soon, Myanmar people will enjoy improved services, distribution, and enhanced customer care.

The New MPT – Moving Myanmar Forward

Today, we are launching our new corporate identity. It is the symbol of a new and resurgent MPT. The brand vision of Moving Myanmar Forward is at the heart of the definition of our new brand. Our new logo reflects the very essence of Myanmar, encompassing our commitment to reach all parts of the country. The brand forms a speech bubble, signifying MPT’s ambition to give a voice to everyone. The golden colour represents the Golden land of Myanmar, and our shining future, while the blue signifies MPT heritage, and our forward direction.

Our first brand concept – Open The Door – accompanies the release of our first TV Commercial. We believe in being the most reliable partner for the people of Myanmar, opening the door to opportunities and a better future. We will continue to deliver on our idea of One Connection, Infinite Possibilities. We are committed to connecting people to people, information to information, and country to country, uniting Myanmar into One – as the leading communication services provider.

Soon, our new presence will be seen across Myanmar. Our shops, communication and advertisement will reach all corners of the country. Stay tuned to our new communication channels: our new website is up now at www.mpt.com.mm, and our facebook page is live at www.facebook.com/MPTOfficialPage.

In celebration of the launch of our new brand, we will be offering a “double” bonus on our already running top-up bonus promotion. This promotion will last only two days – 13th and 14th September. Users will get 40% bonus on a top-up of 5,000 Kyats, and 60% bonus of top-ups of 10,000 Kyats or more. This bonus will remain valid till 30th September 2014.