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MPT Name Tune

1. What is Name Tune?

Name Tune is a service that allows the user to add its own name within the greetings in the place of calling ring which is heard by the caller. It is a service operated under CRBT Service.

2. Where can the Name Tune service be obtained?

You must subscribe Name Tune application and purchased at LoTaYa webpage

3. Can the name be selected by calling 7979?

No. You should access to LoTaYa or call MPT call center-106 or 09452272555  for name selection.

4. How much is subscription fees?

CRBT service will cost 47 Kyats for daily usage or 1050 Kyats for monthly usage. It will cost 315 Kyats per Name Tune song per month.

5. What if other songs are purchased?

If you have already bought both the song and Name Tune service, the song will be played alternatively.

6. Who can use the service?

Whoever using MPT Sim Card can buy and get this service as easy as the other Ring Tune services.

7. How to delete Name Tune?

Like other songs, the song can be deleted by sending purchased Name Tune code to 7979.

e.g. Del0000011111 or Del 0000011111

8. What if I want to unsubscribe or if I don't want to use?

You can unsubscribe or cancel the service by sending UNR to 7979.

9. What if there is not sufficient balance when registering?

If so, you can neither register nor get the service. Please try to register after the enough balance is topped up. It is the same as CRBT service.

10. When is the service going to be launched?

It will be launched on 12.12.2018.

11. What lucky draw items can be won for getting Name Tune?

For those who are subscribing for Name Tune service may win an iPhone Xs. The first 100 subscribers will get 1000 Ks phone bill. Promotion period is for 3 months from 12.12.2018 to 12.03.2019.

12. How will the winners be announced?

Winners will be contacted by phone. The winner can issue the prize either at MTP office or content provide office.

13. Can the user request to use full name as Name Tune?

Yes. The user can request to use full name as Name Tune. Please contact MPT call center, MPT Facebook page and Content Provider call center and send name and phone number. The process will take about one month and Content Provider or MPT call center will contact back.