MPT Offers Online SIM Card Registration For Customers

29 Oct 2016

Users can now conveniently register their SIM cards on MPT’s Customer Self-Care webpage

(Yangon, 17th October, 2016) – MPT has announced that starting from 18th October their customers are now able to register their SIM cards online on the MPT Customer Self-Care webpage using their PCs or mobile devices. The service has been made available for their added convenience on top of the nationwide network of MPT branded stores where registration services are available.

Customers will receive an SMS from MPT in the coming days with a link to the Customer Self-Care page in which needs sign up first to make an account and then they may proceed to log in with their mobile numbers through a web browser on their mobile device or PC. Alternatively, customers may also contact MPT’s customer service call center by dialing “106” and a representative will guide them through the online registration procedures and requirements.

Once customers have logged in to the Customer Self-Care page with their MPT SIM card phone numbers, a verification SMS will be sent to them to commence online registration. MPT users just need to have clear images or scans of their National Registration Card (NRC) or passport (for foreigners) ready. On the page, customers will be taken through the registration process step-by-step.

For customers who want to register at MPT branded stores, they are required to bring their NRC (passport for foreigners) to an MPT branded store where our helpful customer service team will assist with the necessary forms and process. Full details of where to find your nearest MPT store can be found on the website:

www.mpt.com.mm/en/contact-us/where-to-find-us/ (English)
https://www.mpt.com.mm/my/contact-us/where-to-find-us/ (Burmese)

To check on their SIM registration status, users may visit to MPT’s Customer Self-Care web page at MPT website and find out whether their SIMs are registered or not.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications, Department of Posts and Telecommunications (PTD), announced in August that every SIM card in Myanmar should be registered by 31 March 2017. SIM registration is intended to make services such as mobile money and banking more secure, and aid customers if they lose or damage their cards. According the PTD, SIM cards that are not registered before the cut-off date next year will be suspended.

Mr. Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operation said: “We want to make SIM card registration, which is required for all users in Myanmar, as seamless as possible for our valued customers. We understand the need for more registration channels to assist customers and would like to encourage them to utilize the online registration service which have been provided for their convenience.”